BLOGMAS Day 2:Gift Ideas for Women


Hello and welcome to my second day of Blogmas!

Today I am going to supply you with a gift guide for women consisting of different categoric gifts to buy for either your mum, girlfriend, wife if you are still undecided.

Some people think a woman/girl is much easier to buy for in the sense that there is a lot more to choose from. For example, a lot of women enjoy using makeup, candles, stylish clothes, jewellery (I think the list is never-ending!). However we still all have our own likes and dislikes merely because we are different, so although a woman may seem easy to buy for, it is a lot harder than you think unless you know them like the back of your hand.

The first place I would look for to see what gift deals they have on offer is Superdrug and Boots. This is an ideal beginning of your search as many women like makeup. I have a feeling that, if makeup was a person they would be super big-headed.
Obviously if the woman you are buying for is not into makeup, this wouldn't be a step you would need to take. You need to find something she will really like.

Now obviously there are different brands of makeup. You don't just walk into the shop looking for makeup and there is one selection, unfortunately/luckily enough (not sure what word is most suitable) that is not the case. For some, this is a lifesaving thought when they buy a foundation and find out its crap and want to try out another brand. If your girl is a lover of makeup, find out the brand she uses the most, take note to what she buys over and over again. If she has bought say, a collection concealer but once she finished, moved onto Rimmel, maybe stick to Rimmel otherwise she wouldn't have changed. Little details guys, little details..
The next step would be to find out what she needs the most. For example, if she has only ever used one blusher/foundation/concealer that she has always sworn by, maybe buy her another. Or better yet, find a gift set for face makeup in the brand she enjoys. Or, you could however buy her a gift set based on a category of products she doesn't go for as often. For example, eye makeup, if you splurge a little, say Urban Decay, for example, she might just love you forever. 

Aside from makeup, you can consider other areas such a clothes, jewellery, hair accessories, shoes, cheeky underwear etc. You just have to find what she needs the most and what is her favourite style. 

Say she needs a jumper, find out her favourite colour, see what styles she does not yet have and what you would like to see her wearing.

When searching for clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery, there are two brands I would highly recommend - Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing. 

Right now Boohoo have money off so now would be a good time to take a look! 

Pretty Little Thing also have money off which is amazing considering how low the clothing is in price so do what I did (and I'm now poor), take advantage of it while you can! The quality is amazing. 

(Skirt from Pretty Little Thing)

(Dress from Boohoo)

I discovered Boohoo before PLT but they are both equally as good quality and you definitely get your money's worth.

A trendy website called Coconut Lane that I have recently discovered have selection of jewellery, wall art and Christmas cards! 

I think this is such a cute, funky website I definitely need to purchase some of their jewellery and phone cases.. And wall art when I have the money! If the woman you are buying for loves the style of these phone cases (like me) I guarantee she'll love one as a present. Right now I have a 20% off discount code for you to use if you wish to make any purchases just by using the code:

Let me know what you buy I'd love to see what they look like! 

I hope you enjoyed this gift guide for anyone who is struggling to buy for any women. 

Let me know in the comments below what you recommend?


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