Never Imagined My Life Like It Is Now!


Hey guys!<3
Todays blog is about my life where it is now! I never imagined to be where I've got to right now!
I never even considered six form or even going to University in Year 10, now look where I'm at! Doing A-Level dance and English and even considering going to University! I didn't even want to do it a couple of years ago, I hated the idea of staying on for another 2 years of school and then off to Uni. When they said school life are the best years of your life, I never believed it, now I realise how much it is! I never realised that once school is over, I won't be seeing my friends every day, I would need a job to earn the money, a car when I'm 17, I won't be getting as many holidays as you do when you're at school!!
I've also made lots of new friends which I never thought I'd make friends with as I didn't normally talk to them before six form. Some of them are new to six form aswell and we've all become so close! All this had made me realise that you need to make the most of your school years, make sure you work hard and get the best grades as you can as you will need them when you leave or you'll end up working at McDonalds!! I used to never work, trust me, I did nothing, until GCSE I finally got sense knocked into me somehow to know I need to work hard otherwise my life won't be so great! You're not always going to have your parents to fall back on when times get hard so you need to get independent. As I've made so many new friends this year, it's given me more confidence within myself which is great! I'm so glad I stayed on for six form otherwise, the alternative was to go to college and do hairdressing, so glad I didn't. I love the school life now:) (The friend side of it) <3 here's my dance class, we're all so close!:)

Thanks for reading my blog once again, hope you enjoyed!
Mel mwah;) xoxo

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Thank you for reading my blog, let me know what you thought if you would like to. I will reply as soon as I can :)
- Mel