Boys boys boys..


Hey guys!
So.. we all have problems with boys right? Whether it's falling out with one, being heartbroken by one..
But what we all wonder is why? Well I've got a few tips for you that I've found work!

  • Boys don't like clingy girls.. This is probably the main reason why boys break your heart.. you're too clingy! Give the boy some space to breathe! Don't text him every hour of every day, let him chase after you. 
  • Play hard to get.. Don't be so easy. Act as though you're not interested, you want him to chase you, not the other way around!!
  • Drama Queen! If you broke your nail it's not the end of the world! Don't make such a big deal out of such small things.
  • You have a life remember. Don't make him your number one priority. Go out with friends, do what you would normally do, especially if he's not your boyfriend. What happens if things don't work out with him and you don't end up going out? 
  • DON'T DITCH YOUR FRIENDS. Your friends are always there to stick around for you and always have been. Don't ditch them because you got a boyfriend, what happens if you break up? You'll have no one to turn to.
  • A fun fun girly! Have a laugh, be fun. The last thing a boy wants is someone who's boring and has nothing to talk about. But whatever you do, don't complain too much.
  • Be an independent person. Don't rely on your parents all the time too much when you're around him. Boys like someone who's independent and grown up.
  • Don't act silly. You're a teenager not five years old. Don't make a fool out of yourself.
These are just some of the things I've learnt through heartbreaks, hope it helps:) Most of the time people don't understand me but that's just me haha :P Love ya!<3 Always here if you need a chat!<3 :D
Mel xo

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- Mel