Blogmas Day 1: Endless reasons on why I Love Christmas!


On the first day of Blogmas, my excitement is overflowingggg...

Happy First day of Blogmas! 
It is also the First time I've brought Blogmas onto my blog so I am extra excited this year! 
Today is the day you can finally open day 1 of your advent calendar that you've been waiting for since the end of summer! I swear it is the fattest season of them all, you eat one chocolate a day and at the end of it, a massive roast dinner! You're also left with piles of sweets and MORE chocolate which doesn't help the figure but that's something to talk about when the seasons over ...
Are you ready for a food filled month? I know I am!

For my first Blogmas post, I decided to show and tell you everything I love about the Christmas season which I was so excited to write. I have so many reasons to love Christmas and I cannot wait to share it with my lovely readers, I am to make you all feel and get into the Christmassy spirit as much as possible!

The thing I excite about the most is a daily chocolate from my favourite advent calendar. I have had this calendar almost every year after I discovered it. Lindt chocolate have the smoothest consistency always leaving me more! It makes the struggle as real as it can get having only one tiny piece of their chocolate a day. I get so tempted to eat them all at once!

What's Christmas without the music playing so lightly in the background as you decorate the tree? Or open your presents? Or create more memories with your loved ones/family which will always make you grin from ear to ear as it passes your mind?
My ultimate favourite is the Michael Buble 'Christmas' album. His voice is the most smoothing, gentlest kind, I have his album on repeat through the month leading up to Christmas Day because it makes me so happy and cheerful!

Cosy evenings in whilst the fire burns away the wood, your favourite Christmas film on the t.v and covered from head to toe in blankets is my ideal night in, wouldn't you say? 
Deck The Halls
Polar Express
The Santa Claus 1,2,3
Home Alone
A Christmas Carol
The Grinch
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Frost
Love Actually
I wrote down all my favourite films in an attempted arty style, (excuse me if I failed) but these are all my go to films with a cup of hot chocolate (don't forget the whipped cream) or a coffee, feet up, next to your friend/loved one. It is also something you'll always look back on with happiness, that's my ultimate favourite part about Christmas, creating memories you'll never forget.

In the bottom right hand corner I have a product I reviewed not long ago, The Body Shop Frosted Plum body lotion. It leaves a hint of sparkliness and feels amazing on the skin, especially on freshly shaved legs. Also, Christmas is the head of sparkles, so this is perfect!
Also in the image above, a Christmas jumper. This is a need! Mine is from Jack Wills and I love it. It's super cosy, has the most gorgeous design of Robins on a dark blue background with white snow decorating the bottom half.

The Body Shop Frosted Plum hand cream is another must have this season. It protects me from dry cracked hands which although are super yummy, we would all rather not, right? Like the body lotion I just mentioned, this has a sparkly extract and the tiniest blob goes a long way. 
Also featured in the picture, is the Tanya Burr 'Berry Picking' lipgloss. This is a lovely dark red glossy shade which I prefer to use on an every day basis along with rosy cheeks and neutral eyeshadow.

Next on the list, is both my beautiful orange, greens, Browns and reds (basically a rainbow) scarf and the Lush Snow Fairy body wash! This scarf from New Look, is super cosy I love wrapping it up round my neck for comfort and a style icon. What drew my attention towards it was definitely how similar the shades were to the crunchy leaves that Autumn carpeted for us. 
The Lush Snow Fairy smells just like candy floss which gives me a super Christmassy feel as the season is full of sweets and naughty but nice food.

What is Winter without faux fur lined jackets with a snowy tone and Christmassy bedding?
On the left I have laid out my favourite leather jacket from River Island which has a faux fur collar. This, along with my lovely scarf keeps my neck incredibly snug, pair it with my Christmas jumper, jeans and boots, I am ready for a cold day (Not emotionally ready though, just body wise). Another must have during the Christmas period is seasonal bedding! Here, my bed is covered from top to bottom in Asda. I have the Naughty or Nice duvet and pillows along with a bed throw, reindeer cushion and brown fluffy cushion. 

Don't you be thinking I've forgotten the prettiest part about Christmas.. Decorations! Because I am at university at the moment I do not have the most glorious decorations, I'll make sure to show you those when I'm home. However I have found love with these lights from Asda which I can place either round my bed or my pinboard adding another Christmas feel to my room.

And that is all for today! 
I hope you have enjoyed my first day of Blogmas
Let me know in the comments your favourite things about the days that lead up to a very big day!

Love to all,


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  1. I love this post, totally agree with everything. There are sooo many great things about Christmas, it's my favourite time of the year. Lovely post :)

    Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

    1. I know, it's such a lovely time of the year to spend with your closest ones, whoever they are I love it <3

  2. Mmm I just love everything about Christmas! I really need to get myself a little tree this year :) xx

    1. Same! It's my favourite time of the year :) Aw cute! I love decorating the tree!

  3. Yay for christmas, christmas music is the best!

  4. I love this post girl! Made me feel all warm inside hihi :) I've heard so much good about the body shop plum body lotion, I really want to try it out!
    My fave Christmas film is definitely Love Actually <3 And I also love The Snowman and I have to watch it every year<3
    Hope your week is going well :)
    Emma xxx


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