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Hey guys!
So today's blog is all about how to train your dog and why it's best to do so.:)
I have a doggy... his name is Rolo!:3 I have trained him sit, paw, down, roll over and speak so far! He learns quite fast and that only makes me think the reason because of that is because I'm doing it right! So here are a few tips which should help train your dog properly:

  • Starting off. Say you're getting him to sit for instance, for the first time he's not going to be expected to know what you mean straight away. So give his bum a little push or sit him down, then praise him with "GOOD GIRL!" or "GOOD BOY!" and make sure he knows by feeding him a treat.
  • Let him know he's doing it right! When you first introduce the trick to him, he will be absolutely clueless on what you're on about and will think you're crazy! So once he does what you ask him to do, praise him with treats, cuddles, kisses, the lot! But when he doesn't do it, or does something else,(E.g, sometimes when I tell my dog to speak, he'll raise his paw instead:L) Say in a firm voice, "No." But don't shout at him. Also, sometimes, Rolo won't do what I ask if there's no treat involved afterwards.
  • Always use a firm voice. If you're not firm with him, he'll never listen and think you're playing! He needs to know the difference between the way you talk to him when training and when you're not. When you're not, you just have your normal voice right? But when you're training he needs to know it's time to learn and you're not playing a game.
  • Why it's good for dogs to know a few tricks. You don't need your dog to do all these wonderful things like a backflip or whatever.. Just the basics like sit, speak, paw, down. The reason why is so that s/he'll listen to you when you ask them something and you have control over him/her.

Well... I hoped this helped and you enjoyed another one of my blogs, let me know how things go with your pet!
Mel mwah xo

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