Dirty Dancing! Recommend it!


Hey guys!:) so, the other day I went to go watch Dirty Dancing!!:D it was amazing like afsfvghgrdfv.. Want to go again so badly!! Got a cute souvenir as well :D as you can see it has the line that Baby says hehe<3 'I carried a watermelon?!' Haha!! Love it as much as I loved the show! Amazing! You know when you go watch shows and wonder if the actors will be as good as the ones in the film? Well yeah I had that worry.. But in the end it was fine!! All the actors played their parts so well I give it 5 stars.. Or if I could 100!! And don't you also get that worry they won't be able to fit everything onto the stage that's in the film? Well they did!! It was just like watching the film!! They did it so well I just loved it so much hehe<3 so I really recommend you to watch the film if you haven't as its so good<3 kisses<3

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- Mel