Fit for the summer time!


Hey guys!
Today's blog is all about wanting a perfect body for the summer time. We all want that perfect body if the season that includes us showing our flesh off the most is just around the corner. Well here's a few tips and pointers on what I've found has helped for me.
1. Legs are your friends. Start making your own way to school. God gave you legs and this one is so easy!! Just walk to school and back each day and you'll be looking like Lesley Lawson (A.K.A Twiggy) in no time!
2. Keeping Fit. You need to work out each day, whether it's at the gym, anything that makes your heart pumping so fast you feel it might fall out, and your body sweat! I'm a dancer so I dance every day of the week, but I've found that obviously is not enough, so I dance&work out every day at home now and will be doing so until I like my body!
3. Cut back on food. Now I'm not saying you need to starve yourself here, all I'm saying is don't eat every hour every day. Especially chocolate and lots of sugar, it will come back and haunt you when you get older! All I'm saying is have your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, cook yourself healthy meals and try aiming for your five a day :)
4. Set a goal. Figure out how much weight you want to lose to be happy with your body, then write out a plan to help reach it! You could do this by writing a timetable, that would be what I would do. You could also write out a health plan, draw/write out all the stretches, etc to do, then every week aim to go further. E.g First week do 10 sit-ups, then the next week 20, etc. 
5. Watch how many calories you are eating. Before opening a food packet, see how many calories it includes, you should only be eating 1,000 a day.

Okay well.. I really hoped this all helped and get back to me to tell me how you're getting on? But remember, you're all beautiful so don't do this if you don't need to, it's just some tips. Okay, love ya!
Mel, mwah xo

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- Mel