To Shop You Need A Little Money!


Hey guys!

We all love to shop right? I know I definetly do! But what stops us from taking that gorgeous item up to the counter? The price.
Without money, you can't buy what you want, the only way to get money is by earning it. I've come up with a few helpful tips to make your wallet fill up some more!
  • Get yourself a job. Working is the last thing I'd want to do to earn money, but all that hard work you will spend doing all day will pay off with some money!:)
  • Help your parents. Do some work around the house and earn some pocket money! Today I'm helping my parents with the gardening, I worked extra hard and my parents were proud of me. It always makes you feel better too to know that you've done something good to please people.
  • Sell some of your old stuff that you no longer need. If there's something that's just sitting in your room collecting dust, get rid of it! Then you can replace it with that gorgeous item you saw in the shop;)
These are just a few things, but trust me you will earn money from them!
I hope you enjoyed another one of my blogs..
Mel mwah xoxo

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