Blogmas Day 3: November Highlights


Hello again my lovelies and welcome to another Blogmas post!
Before I continue with the Christmassy themed posts, I have decided that at the end/beginning of each month I will pick out the moments that made me smile throughout the past four weeks. The reason for this is because although we have moments of downfalls, I would like to focus on the good moments that happened instead of dawning on the bad. Also, if I do this, I can look back at the month with happiness knowing that I didn't waste moments of time, some elements were not wasteful, that I made good use of the time that flows by so quickly. These are moments in time we capture and freeze because they were good moments. We snap a selfie with whoever we are sharing it with to remember it by so I have decided to put it all into one post as a little recap of the month.

1. Christmassy touches!

The first thing that always makes me happy at the beginning of November is seeing cute Christmassy additions to Costa and Starbucks! This is something I enjoy every year as it is a lovely idea to help get everyone in the Christmas Spirit! In comparison, I do prefer the Costa cups as each size takeaway cup is decorated with a different character which creates an excuse for a fun selfie!

The Starbucks cups however are a plain red, a slightly more sophisticated/smart style which is nice but I prefer Costa. Though everyone's different and likes different things so it's nice to see them do their own thing!

2. Face Mask Fun

The next thing I enjoyed was trying out my new Lush Fresh Face Mask with my boyfriend. This is a selfie that will always make me laugh as it was the first time I was trying the face mask and it turned into something fun. Face masks selfies are always a must because one must take a selfie when one looks their best!

3. Kissing Tyler Oakley!

One of the best moments of November had to be getting my book signed, a hug, selfie and kissing Tyler Oakley on the cheek!
My chummy, Jen and I were lucky enough to get tickets to meet the Queen of YouTube at his latest book signing! But not only that, for about £20 we got a signed book, selfie, poster and I kissed his cheek! Pretty worth my money if I say so myself!
He was the loveliest guy, I (being me) stormed over asking how he was trying to act caz. I planned what I would do and did it, of course I had to play my part of probably looking like a wally. But it is a day I will remember! For some reason I wondered if he'd mind me kissing him on the cheek, but he just grinned even more and gave me the best selfie ever!

4. Christmas shopping at Westfield

Not forgetting the fact that November is the month that begins Christmas Shopping! My parents came up to visit me at University so we decided to make a day of it and kick start our Christmas Shopping at Westfield! The decorations were so so pretty and I love it when shopping centres have ice rinks because it is so nice to watch people have fun, laugh with each other, making precious memories! It was such a nice day I will always look back on.

5. Going out with friends

My final moment I want to shine a light upon from November is the laughs and good times I spend with my friends. Here are are a couple of pictures from a few nights out throughout the month. Going out with my friends and boyfriend is something that will always make anyone happy, no matter how you spend it. Times with friends are precious moments we tend to hold onto, bottle up, ready to open in times of sadness. Friends are the people who make your life the way it is, and this is why these moments are ones I will always reflect on because they will always be the highlight of everyday.

What are your November Highlights?
Let me know in the comments below x

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