BLOGMAS DAY 13: Putting up the Christmas Tree!


Welcome to Blogmas Day 13!
You're all probably thinking 'it's the 13th and you're only just putting up your Christmas Tree?..'
We normally put our tree up and the rest of the decorations on the 1st so we aren't scrooges! Only this year, my parents have decided to have an extension built so the house is a bit hectic right now and we have had no room for the tree!
Now I obviously couldn't let it get any later and my mum agreed. Although I think it was more to shut me up about how the decorations were still not up than because of how late it was getting..
So therefore because of me today is the day we put up our tree and covered it from head to toe in glitter and sparkles and baubles oh my!

Before the tree was decorated, Chris and I spent the day painting the undercoat on the walls for the new room.
So therefore, we both had rollers dripping with paint I thought it would be a nice idea to decorate his outfit.
Although, this resulted in payback.

At least now, our outfits are unique.

Once we showered up we put on Elf and Michael Buble's 'Christmas' album because decorating the tree can't be done without a Christmassy background.

I couldn't reach the very top for the star to sit in her rightful place so I needed a little help!

Had to take a cute snuggly selfie in front of our work!

Now my mum won't have to hear anymore of me saying 'the tree's still not up'..

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

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  1. What a lovely tree! Me and my mum always put the tree up on the 13th - It has become a tradition to put it up 12 days before and take it down 12 days later!

    Toni x

    1. Thankyou! :) aw it's lovely to have traditions like that :) we normally put it up on the first but things got a bit hectic this year!


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