BLOGMAS DAY 10: Christmas Jumpers for Men under £20


Hello my lovelies and welcome to Day 10!
December is shooting by and although it excites me because Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, I am still not finished with my presents.
I have been super busy with University Assessments, present buying etc. The gifts I have got for my boyfriend require alot of time though I know it will turn out great! Although I would love to share with you my gift ideas for him, I am worried he will read it on here so I will be sure to share it with you after Christmas!

How can you go through Christmas without a festive jumper? One must be worn on Christmas day otherwise what is the point? I really enjoyed finding different styles of jumpers for this post as it has given me ideas for presents and I hope it does for you aswell :)

The first festive jumper I came across for men is this cute Elf 'Elfie' which has been reduced to £10.00 from New Look!
This is so cute and I love the play on the word 'Elf' by calling it an 'Elfie'!

Next I went over to Boohoo's website to see what they have to offer. I firstly came across this cute Rudolf jumper in either red or green which is super cute! This only costs £15.00!

Also for £15.00 is this Harry Potter style Christmas jumper which says 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle'. This could be an ideal present for a Harry Potter fan!

From H & M I found this adorable/comedic penguin jumper costing £14.99. It has a cute penguin on ski boards and a speech bubble of him saying 'It's all downhill'. I personally think it's a cute and funny jumper which could be perfect for someone who skis or loves penguins!

Onto Primark which everyone knows will have some reasonable priced clothing I found this Bauble jumper costing £12.99. I think this is a nice jumper which is slightly busier than the ones I've found before this. This is perfect for anyone who would like to look just like a Christmas tree. You've got the lights, baubles etc you should definitely have a picture next to your tree, you'd hardly notice the difference!

Also from Primark is this Gingerbread Man jumper costing £9.99 which reminds me of Shrek!

There are a few Festive jumper ideas for your man for under £20!
I hope you found it useful!

I'll see you on Blogmas Day 11!


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