BLOGMAS DAY 8: Stocking Fillers for Women


Hello my lovelies and welcome to Blogmas Day 8!

After looking at different shops, I am going to show you some gifts that would be an ideal stocking present for those of you who are stuck on ideas!
Stocking fillers can sometimes be difficult to think of what would be appropriate. For me, I think of them as smaller gifts/essentials that aren't too expensive. You leave the expensive part to the main present.
So therefore, I've decided to give you guys a few ideas on what stocking fillers you could buy for a woman.

The Zoella Blissful Mistful lip balm is a cute idea for a young girl who's a fan of Zoella. This is something cute that you can fit in your bag, keeping your lips smooth and hydrated. It comes in a lovely sized pot aswell which is in the shape of a heart. 

These kind of cute essential stocking fillers are my favourite. Although it may be telling the person that they need to wash their hands more often, the packaging is the cutest thing ever that it might just work! I love that it's been made to look like an ice lolly (a very yummy one I must say aswell!) For £5 I'd say this is a bargain, it looks like it will last quite a while and the quality looks just as good as anything expensive!

False lashes are my babies! I can't go on a night out without them! So if you know anyone who is just like me, these will be perfect and they've been reduced to £3.65! I would love to receive this in my stocking, they look super natural and perfect for a date night which is what Tanya implies us to wear them for. I can imagine a bold lip, a light smokey eye, these lashes and mascara on top and bottom.

Also from the Tanya Burr collection for only £3.29 is the 'New York Night' Nail Polish. This looks like a dark purple, perfect for the season of warm tones. An ideal stocking filler for someone who is blessed to have long nails or even someone who is obsessed with nail varnish!

Everyone loves socks! I feel like the coolest kid running around my house in comfy socks, made with a Christmas character's face on the front! These, from New Look, are adorable and only costing £4.00. Another place to find cool socks are Primark! Everyone loves receiving cute Christmassy Socks on Christmas Day!

I love receiving this in my stocking filler. 
Who doesn't love Chocolate?!?!
Our survey says: crazy people
For only £3.50 you get 6/7 different chocolates from the Galaxy selection! However, if you're not into Galaxy they do sell other brands. This is just something I enjoy receiving in my stocking each year because they are super yummy!

Imagine unwrapping the coolest cosmetic bag ever.. For only £7.99 this SEQUIN cosmetic bag looks big enough to fit all your makeup in. If you're a girly girl this would be perfect! Even if the girl you are buying for is already is beauty obsessed and has a cosmetic bag, this could be something she can use when travelling. If not, a makeup brushes bag.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of ideas for stocking presents.
Let me know if you have bought any stocking fillers yet, I need some ideas!


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