BLOGMAS DAY 17: Date night at Winter Wonderland and why I've not been posting daily!


Welcome to Blogmas Day 17!

I have decided to only post Blogmas posts when I've done something interesting on the day instead of writing for the sake of it which is what I feel I have been doing.
Not for all of my Blogmas posts, but a few I posted because I'm posting everyday which is what Blogmas is. However this is my first time at attempting Blogmas and I'm finding it quite difficult to write a post for the sake of it as it's not really me. I want my posts to be fun which is what blogging is, writing about either things you've done or make you happy that you feel the need to share it with anyone who reads them.

On the 17th my boyfriend Chris and I decided to spend our date night at Winter Wonderland!
It was such a magical night and there wasn't anyone else I would rather had spent it with.
We took loads of selfies (too many!) but that's because we were having such a great time! Photos are a great way of capturing any special moment so that when you look at it, you will be grinning from ear to ear.

So bright and colourful!

We wanted to ask someone to take a picture of us but were worried they might run off with our phones haha!

There was a massive Christmas tree in the background of my soppy kiss on the cheek❤️

Elsa and Anna!

Because Chris wanted a selfie of us with both the Christmas Tree and the Moon in the background! ❤️❤️

We had booked tickets for the Magical Ice Kingdom!
*too many selfies explode*


Finally plucked up the courage to ask someone to take our picture because I couldn't not have one of us next to the amazing ice sculptures!❤️

I love everything about this photo❤️

Our thrones awaited us❤️

The ice sculptures are amazing❤️

Of course we spent most of the time trying to find a pizza stand! I had pepperoni and Chris had pizza! It was delicious❤️

The background is so pretty❤️

I loved the lights in the background❤️

King and Queen of the Ice!

These two photos are our favourites!
I want to frame these because the bottom one is super cute and the fact it was taken at Winted Wonderland makes it so special to both of us❤️

We loved every part of the night!
We went down an ice slide inside the Magical Ice Kingdom❤️
Tried to take a selfie next to an attraction before it squirted water in our face and instead, had us screaming and laughing non stop!
Ate pizza with a candle after looking for some as we walked round❤️
Had the cutest photo taken inside Magical Ice Kingdom❤️
It was Chris's first trip to Winter Wonderland and I was so happy to be the one he first shared it with❤️
It was both our first time at the Magical Ice Kingdom❤️

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as enjoyed writing it!
And I hope you can forgive me for not wanting to posting everyday, but only when I've done something cool!


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