Beauty Wishlist: BLOGMAS DAY 7


Hello my lovelies,
Welcome to Blogmas Day Seven!
I swear the weeks are going by too quickly, Christmas cannot come soon enough!
Today I am going to show you my Beauty wish list because when I'm poor the best way I deal with it is by attempting online shopping without clicking on 'go to checkout' pretending I have money. 

The first product I would love to get my hands on is the Naked Smokey palette! This holds the most gorgeous shades of natural and darker tones. 

The next item is the Zoeva makeup brushes. I love anything combined of rose gold and brown so I am in love with the packaging. The ombré is a beautiful brown descending into cream, although a spot of makeup kills it, I have a feeling I will be more motivated to clean them to keep them looking purdy.

Only at £4 is the Revelution Redemption palette. Although it is only £4 I am reserving my money for essentials such as food and living right now. As soon as I get paid it will be an easy buy. There are some amazing reviews on this and for only £4, you're going to want to try it out!

I have wanted the Nars Sheer Glow for a while now. After hearing some amazing reviews I have wanted to order it for some time to try it out myself!

I only own a small compact mirror and although i have no problem with this, it would be nice to do my make up close up at a big mirror!

Do you have any beauty products on your wishlist?

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Thank you for reading my blog, let me know what you thought if you would like to. I will reply as soon as I can :)
- Mel