Big Haul!


Hey guys!
Did everyone have a nice Christmas?! I do hope that Father Christmas got you everything on your Christmas list and more! :D
After Christmas, I did a little bit of shopping.. I thought I was going to be shopping for sales items but I've come back with no sale items and all full price items as no sales items really appealed to me!
So today I thought I would do a massive haul as I am now poor.. *cries* But I don't regret anything that I bought! 
First shopping trip to Bluewater

These are all the items that I bought on the first day of shopping:)

An Urban Decay Palette! I was sooo happy when I purchased this palette as it also came with an Urban Decay pencil eyeliner and eye primer! The Naked and Naked 2 palettes were sold out :( But I decided to get this palette as the shades from this palette are part of Naked and Naked 2 :) This also comes with a black pencil eyeliner&mini eye primer! This cost me £35 which is also the same price as the Naked palettes so in a way it was a better buy! (I still want the Naked Palettes though hehe)

Next I purchased the Sleek blusher in Rose Gold as it looked soooo pretty and Della said there's a big rave about it so of course I wanted to test it out ;) duh.. 
I can't remember how much it was but I do remember that it was quite cheap! It wasn't more expensive than £5! And for its price it's so lovely and gives the cheeks and nice hint of red :) I am so happy to now have two items from Sleek in my makeup collection!! (Ooh I feel a makeup tutorial coming on...) 

I also bought the Barry M Matte in the colour Mocha from the same shop as I am the kind of person who if I see a different version of something (in which this case it's nail varnish) I like to try it out to see what it's like :) so I look forward to trying this out. :)

I then went to Lush where I got this bar if soap/body wash for only £4 as it was reduced. The scent is called Angels Delight and it smells like jellybabies which makes me extremely tempted to eat it :P

The very last item I bought from Bluewater was this beautiful dress from H&M and it cost me £20! And so I thought why not?! Well actually it took me about half an hour in the changing rooms trying to decide if it was worth it whereas my other friend Maria was getting it too and she kept telling me to get it haha... and so I did! I am not going to lie, from the moment I put it on I fell in love with it but I am very careful with my money hehe :P But I don't regret buying it because I realised that I can either dress it down as a casual look by pairing it with some boots and a long comfy cardigan. Or even dress it up with some killer heels and red lippy! <3

And then the next day I managed to purchase..

The very first thing I bought which was from Boots was these Real Technique brushes!!!!!!
I was very lucky to get them when I did because they had an offer on which was Buy one get one Half Price!! So I bought the eye set and got the blusher brush half price!!! :D :'D I think I have all of the brushes now as I got the face brushes for Christmas and despite the mean price, I am so happy about the decision I made! I will be doing reviews now because of Christmas and if you're like I might just review these for those who haven't got them in their makeup collection/are reading this and thinking 'oo what's the Real Technique brushes collection?!' ;P.

I then made my way to Superdrug where I bought this One Direction lip tint from MUA. The main reason I bought this was because it's a One Direction lip tint hehe :P It tastes like Blueberry which is very yummy, but sadly it doesn't stay on for very long (Probably because I can't help but lick it off!).

Last but not least, I headed to Primark where I purchased these two items of jewellery which I thought were extremely cute! The necklace is sooo cute, I wear it everywhere at the moment. I am honestly in love with it!
I bought the earrings because I don't have many stud earrings and so three pairs of earrings for £1?! What daft silly billy would say no to that?! I also thought they were extremely cute what with the koala in the background hehe <3
I then bought the necklace because I absolutely love hearts, I wasn't going to get it because I thought I didn't need it but thanks to my friend Roxanne who bought it for me, I do have it and have been wearing it all the time recently!!

And what does this now mean?..I am poor.
I am currently job hunting and writing a CV because I can't keep up with my expensive taste!
And OOH! I haven't asked you how your Christmas and New Year was?! Here are my resolutions which I am hoping to stick by!
Grow my hair so it's looooong:)
Pass my exams so I can go to Uni!
Have clear skin by the end of the year!
Get more flexible ready for Uni!

I have thought of doing a weeky progress post on my flexibility because the trouble is with me is I really want more flexibility especially in my hips and back, but I'm too lazy to do it everyday! So I thought if I do a weekly progress post then I might stick to doing it everyday because I'll know that I have to do a post which will probably benefit me more than it will for you guys haha. But it might be beneficial to those who want to be more flexible because I'll be telling you the stretches I did and how long I held them for so then you can do it with me perhaps :P
And if I don't stick to it, tell me off!

What are your New Year resolutions?

See you later alligator

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  1. I got the real techinques eye set for christmas, they are so good! I've also nominated you for a liebster award

    1. Yes they are!!! Aww thank you I will have a look!:) xxxx

  2. Love love love the dress! I've nominated you for the Liebster award at :) Katie May xoxo

  3. I love the sleek blusher, it looks very similar to Nars Orgasm; what a bargain for £5!
    Laura x

    My Life in a Blog

    1. Yeah sames! Was so happy to get my hand on it as there's no drugstore near me that sells Sleek's cosmetics! Ikr!


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