2014 Blogger Challenge


Hey guys!

Today I am writing my first post for the 2014 Blogger Challenge which I'm sure many of you know about since I wrote a post about it! Basically, we get given a topic twice a month throughout the year which we have to write a post around that topic.
The first topic is New Year Inspiration by finding a picture/quote that I found inspiring and hopefully at the end of this post, you will aswell! I must admit this was quite a difficult task for me as I don't have many quotes that I stick by. But when I came across this one it inspired me because this year is a very important year for me as I am auditioning for unis and I think this quote will help me get through it :) 

The reason for choosing these two quotes is because I felt that they go quite well together. The first quote motivates you to be determined to do well and the second quote tells me that if I don't get through the audition then it happens for a reason! 
I actually stick by the second quote quite a lot and I say it when others are down or didn't get something that they wanted because I think it's so true! My mum always says it to me and I find that it helps me get through different events in my life that didn't go well. 
So that's it for today bloggers, what quote do you stick by and find inspiring?
See you later alligator xxx

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  1. I love the quotes you've included here. Fall 98 times - get up 99 ;-) Have a great 2014 - happy blogging x
    Love Vicky


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