Winter makeup tutorial


Hello beauties!
I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas and Father Christmas bought you everything you wanted :)

Today I thought I'd show you the makeup look that I wore on Christmas Day and Boxing Day as I really liked it and hope that you do aswell!
Here is the look in which I am doing a step by step tutorial of how to achieve it!

Before doing anything, make sure you have washed your face with your cleanser to make sure you have washed off any grease/dirt as if you don't, you will be rubbing it into the skin when using makeup. 

I always like to start off with the Collection concealer to remove the under-eye circles and to make me look more awake! I also add a couple of blobs of it onto my cheeks and then rubbing it in to cover up any imperfections...

Next is foundation. This is pretty much the only foundation I am using at the moment and I absolutely love it. It's mineral foundation by Bare Minerals and it gives the skin such good coverage. To apply it I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. The fibres in this brush are so lovely and soft and help apply the foundation beautifully...
Last but definitely not least..


This gorgeous shade of red is applied very lightly onto the apples of the cheeks so that you don't look like a clown ;) but light enough to express a warm and healthy glow. To apply this I use the blusher brush from Clinique which is once again lovely and soft :)


I'm sure you all recognise this palette from my other makeup tutorials. I got it for Christmas last year and the reason I like using it so much is because it's got all the colours that I love in one palette :)
I'm not sure if they still sell this palette, but you don't necessarily need this palette to achieve this make up look, just as long as you have the similar sort of colours :)

  • As always, I like to start with a lighter shade as my base :) Keeping that in mind, I start with the shade which I have labelled as number 1. This is plain white with a hint of shimmer, and I apply this all over my eye-lid but taking no notice of the brow bone.
  • Secondly, I use the shade which is labelled number 2 for my brow bone to just give the eyebrows a little lift.
  • Heading towards a slightly darker shade, I mix the two 3's together. The one on the left is a similar to the colour of champagne whereas the one on the left is orangey, they both engage in a hint of shimmer. I apply these just above my top lash line.

  • We are now getting slightly darker by using the shade of black which is located on the bottom right corner of the palette if you can't see I have labelled it number 4. I use this shade along the crease of the eye, adding a bit of smokiness to the look. During the application, don't use too much of the black as you don't want it too dark, remember, we are gradually turning the look from light to dark.
  • Last but not least for the eyeshadow, I use the colour that I have called Hot Chocolate :P which is located on the top right corner of the palette. I have labelled this number 5. I use this for the outer corner of my eye just darkening the eyes up much more.
•   Eyeliner    

The next step for the eyes is of course eyeliner. I have chosen an eyeliner which is part of this makeup palette, but like I said before, you don't need the required eyeliner to achieve this part of the makeup look, just a similar colour :)

I start with the black shade of eyeliner pencil on my upper lash line 3 quarters into the inner corner of the eye, but all the way out, ending it with a small flick creating a winged eyeliner. I also use it along my waterline to just darken the eyes up a tweak.
Using the white shade, I use this in the inner corner of my upper lash line to brighten up this area.
The black eyeliner is more of a grey as it's really not that dark as you may think it is by looking at the two pictures above which is quite useful to have in your makeup bag just in case you want to use black eyeliner but you don't want one that's too dark. 


Last but not least of the eye makeup is of course mascara.
For this look I have used as you can see, the Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express.
I apply this to my top lashes making them full of volume and giving them a bit of length.

Here is what your eyes should now look like :)

•   Lips   •

 To start with, I used this lip butter in the flavour 'Coconut' from the Body Shop to moisturise the lips. It also tastes really good. It also stays on for quite a while. Sometimes it doesn't last as long if you find it a bit too delicious.. Oops...

Last but not least, the look is never fully complete until you apply lipstick :)
I've just dabbed this red lipstick from Rimmel London '500' 'Diva Red' :)

Here is the final look once again :)

And that is it :) you have come to the end of another beauty related blog post. 
I think it's been quite a while since I've done a makeup tutorial, so I hope you enjoyed this one:)
I hope you have a wonderful New Year, celebrating another year! I hope this one brings you good things <3
See you later alligator

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  1. Glad you had a lovely Christmas. I see you like me are a member of the BloggerChallenge2014. I have followed you and can't wait to read your posts.

  2. Aww thank you I hope that you had a lovely Christmas aswell! Whoo hoo, came across another member of this awesome group! Aww thank you, I have followed you back :D xxx

  3. I love that Collection concealer too! Hides a multitude of sins ;)

    I've followed you, I'm doing the 2014 Blogger Challenge aswell.

    Cathy x


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