New York


Hey guys!
Very exciting news to share with you today... I went to NEW YORK!!
It was amazing.. Honestly words cannot describe how much I loved it! I went with my family and if it wasn't with them I don't think it would've been as fun! The bigger the better they say ;)
So instead of you reading and giving yourself a headache, I thought I'd let the pictures do the talking as they're much better at it.. But because I took over 200 pictures, I think I'll just show you the main ones ;)
Me with the Statue Of Liberty
Selfie with the Statue Of Liberty
Brooklyn Bridge at night
New York at night
                                                                  Empire State Building
Empire State Building! Buddy the Elf was here! xD

At the top of the Empire State Building!
Me with the pretty Christmas Tree
New York<3
Me and my beautiful mum <3

Picture with the famous Bull's balls :P
9/11 memorial fountain
Outside the 9/11 museum
Outside the 9/11 museum
Grand Central Station

We went in a limousine!

That's all I will show you because I think I took over 200 photos haha!
But it was amazing! I want to-No, I will go back there! :P 
See you later alligator

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