Christmas time!


Hey guys!
Wow Christmas is coming around so quick I can't believe it's only 39 days till Santa comes! :P
What I love about Christmas is the food, adverts, winter clothes and snuggling up with the fire on with a hot chocolate and Christmas film, who else loves doing this?!
As you know, this is the time of year where stores come up with a Christmassy advert, everyone knows that when the Coca Cola advert comes on it's getting nearer! :P However, this is my favourite advert :
What I love about this advert is the two fairytales included and how cute is the little guy that we meet at the end! :') It gives a real Christmassy feel <3
I have also come across some incredibly yummy chocolate treats in stores which I couldn't help but purchase them! <3

This is from 'Make A Wish' and it is simply delicious! Inside it has a sort of Aero taste and it's yummyyyyyyy<3

This is from Galaxy 'Gift for you' <3. This has 'half truffle, half bubbly milk chocolate'<3
I love pretzels so I got a bit excited when I discovered Chocolate Pretzels, they taste amazingly good, when you bite into them you see that inside there is a pretzel and it's covered with chocolate! Chocolate and pretzel, two of my favourite things! The 'Merryteaser' one on the left tastes the same as a Mars bar but it's in the shape of a cute reindeer<3
WONKA BARS! These taste amazing! (From top to bottom-Creme Brulee, Millionares Shortbread and Chocolate Nice Cream) All taste amazing!
Wow I am obsessed haha! Some of these treats aren't Christmas ones but I love them all the same. I think it's so cute how as it gets nearer to Christmas, sweet/chocolate brands bring Christmassy treats into stores!<3 
So yeah that's all for today, I can't wait to start watching Christmas films with a nice hot chocolate/cup of tea, I love The Grinch, Polar Express and many more! 
What's your favourite Christmas film? <3
See you later alligator!

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  1. The Marks & Spencer's advert is the best! Also love the John Lewis one too. I can't believe that I've only had one of all these chocolates before. The Cadbury Wishes, yum! They sell the Malteaser Reindeer at school but I've been trying to resist. So want to try them all! Love the Grinch too, Elf is my fav though. Xx

  2. Haha I don't normally go this crazy but I couldn't help myself this year xD yes I love Elf! He reminds me of myself haha xxxx


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