#BritishBloggerSelection Q&A Interview


Hey guys!
So today I am going to be writing a post as part of the #BritishBloggerSelection. If you want to join just click on my #BritishBloggerSelection badge which is on the right hand side underneath my picture and it will take you to everything you need to know :)
Now, onto the whole concept of the post!

Question One: Why do you like blogging?
I like blogging because for me I felt it helped reading reviews on products because then I'd know if that product would be worth purchasing or not. So I thought I would be helpful aswell :) I also love discussing beauty and cosmetics so I thought why not write about it :)
Question Two: How did you come up with your blog name?
Everytime I phone my family I always say to them 'it's me mel' xD so I took it from that as it's kind of a catchphrase now xD :P
Question Three: Where from the UK do you come from?
I come from Kent :) You know, where all the amazing weather comes from(!) ;P
Question Four: Favourite colour?
Pink, baby blue, navy blue, grey and purple :)
Question Five: Do you like Lana Del Ray?
I love her song 'Young and Beautiful' from 'The Great Gatsby' <3
Question Six: Hidden Talents That You Have?
 I don't know if it's a hidden talent I am double jointed so I can click my thumb back and forth and do all sorts of things :P. Sounds pretty gross but it's quite cool xD
Question Seven: Celebrity Crush?
Niall Horan, Justin Timberlake and Michael Buble! <3
Question Eight: Favourite Blog Of All Time?
Zoella, Louise and Tanya :)
Question Nine: What made you want to join #BritishBloggerSelection?
What made me want to join #BritishBloggerSelection was that I felt it was an opportunity to discover other blogs that I'd never come across before and also it keeps my blog active because it gives me something to blog about :)

Well there's another Q&A blog for you to get to know me a bit more! 
I would be so grateful if you read my last blog post 'Confessions of a Beauty Blogger' as it will also give you a chance to get to know me more :) (But if you think about it, I've answered so many questions I think you know me more than I know myself! :P)
If there are any questions you have about me that I haven't had the chance to answer in any posts, comment them below as I will be more than happy to answer them :)
See you in the next #BritishBloggerSelection post, and don't forget to join in! :)
See you later alligator

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