#BritishBloggerSelection !!!!!


Hey guys :)
I first heard about this over on Della Loves Nutella's blog and I just had to join in! If you want to take part then head over to Little Vintage Camera for the full details! So basically Ellie will send you a theme every Saturday for you to write a blog post about but if you don't want to do one of the themes then you don't have to! Just comment on the blog post with your First and Second name, your Blog name, your Blog's URL and your gmail, then she will email you! If you click this image it will take you to everything you need to know!

 Thanks for reading!
See you later alligator!

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  1. Cool, sounds like such a good idea!
    I've tagged you in the Confessions of a Beauty Blogger tag so, if you're interested, check out my post. Xx


    1. Indeed it does, look forward to writing my first post which will be up sometime this week! :) Oo sounds exciting I will check it up now :) xx


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