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Hey guys!
I am so sorry for not making a blog post for so long, ever since I've been back at school I have literally no free time. My time table was so spaced out last year I had busy evenings, but having no lessons until late the next day made up for that. But now I have no time! I only have Tuesday after school and the weekend. But I chill out on Tuesday & go to bed early to catch up on sleep and on the weekend I'm usually out! But today I found some spare time and I am using it to type up my favourites that I have been loving this month!!
Enough jibber jabbering which I obviously have a talent in, here are my September Favourites!
Firstly, is my Body Shop Flavored Lip Gloss: Coconut.
This lip gloss tastes... amazing! I love applying it as it has a nice sparkly element to it and tastes so good! I am not a huge fan of coconut.. But I absolutely love it in this lip gloss! So yeah.. Go get it.. Even if you don't like coconut like me!

Secondly, is my MUA colour blast eyeshadow tint 'Stay'. This is basically a base shade. It looks so nice and I love how I can just put this on without doing a whole glammed up makeup look. It's perfect for school if you're not allowed to wear makeup because it's such a nice natural shade.

Thirdly, is my Max Factor eyeshadow in brown. I like to use this for my eyebrows with a brush. I like using this for my eyebrows because they're so light and this darkens them up just a tiny bit. The shade may look too dark and harsh for someone with blonde hair but just use a brush to tap it three times then blow and it comes out nicely!
Next is the baby lips 'cherry me'. Now I have heard youtubers rave about this and so when it came to the U.K drugstores I just had to try it! What brought me to this particular one is I love red lipstick so red lip balm is a bonus! xD The beauty of this product is it's a lip balm so it keeps your lips nice and smooth, but at the same time, adds a hint of colour! Also, the more you apply, the stronger the colour shows up. So if you're going for an everyday school makeup look just swipe a bit of this on and you're good to go!

Next, is the Elemis freshskin Daily Moisturiser. I use this everday after I've washed my face and before applying any makeup/primer. It smells lovely as it has a fresh scent of lavender and makes the skin feel so smooth and also makes you look more awake!:) 

Lastly.. I decided to leave the best of all till the end!! Is my Bare Minerals 'Get Started Kit'!!!!!!!
I. Love. This.
I'm not gonna lie. This is just like magic. I feel like I am in a fairytale, screaming 'I hate my face!' and then my fairy Godmother comes along, gets out her wand and covers it all up! I know.. I'm weird..
I am not going to get out everything in the box because we're gonna be here for a thousand years and you got lives xP So instead I'm gonna give my overall review.
The brushes are so soft I could sit here all day rubbing one on my face, the primer feels amazing on my skin it feels like a mask which is good(for me)because I know it will keep my makeup on. But the products are amazing. They have great coverage for the skin, my skin has looked better since I've started using it aswell. I have also discovered that I prefer powder foundation rather than liquid. The reason being is because with liquid if you have spots, it just shows them up as big lumps, whereas the powder covers them up but at the same time looks so natural and as though you're not even wearing makeup!
I use this as my everyday school routine except for the primer, I don't want to use it up just for school, I like to save it for big nights/occasions.

So these are all the products I have been using and loving this month! I am sorry for so many favourites haha ;P
Thank you for reading my blog!!
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  1. I really want to try that lip balm, I've heard good things about it! I need for mine to run out now haha

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

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