#BritishBloggerSelection Week 5: Skincare


Hey guys!
Wow I've missed out on alot of weeks for this tag, didn't realize I'd be so busy!  I'm currently applying for different places to do dance when I leave school.. It's so stressful and nerve-racking!!!
Anyway, this week is all about skincare, so this is what I use :)

I use the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions

Firstly, I start with Step 1; The Cleansing Foam, which is basically foam (duh!). I spread it all over my face to remove my face make-up. When doing this, don't rub it into the skin too much, I know this may sound silly but your skin won't like it so it will be mean to you by giving you more spots because you are producing more grease which makes more spots! I leave it on for a couple of minutes until it is invisible and then wash it off by splashing water on my face (don't use a flannel. The harsh base of the flannel will knock the top off of any whiteheads meaning you're spreading the dirt all over your face, it's better to splash your face with water.) 

If you have any whiteheads, this will be the time to squeeze them, never do this whilst you have makeup on because the dirt (makeup) will go into the open pores and produce another spot.

Afterwards, if I have squeezed any whiteheads I will use the cleanser again which is essential because it will clean all of your open pores and give your face another wash. If not, I continue onto Step 2 of the process.

Secondly, I apply the Step 2; Clarifying Lotion with a small bit of cotton wool. This closes up the pores if you have popped any which will prevent more dirt crawling into them. I also find it quite handy to remove any face makeup that my cleanser has missed.

Lastly, I use the Step 3; All Over Clearing Treatment. This is a moisturizer which will keep the skin nice and smooth and is also part of the Anti-Blemish Solution so it will help prevent future break-outs.

Wow, that was a mouthful, I can't imagine saying all of that in one go xD
I hope this helped, this won't necessarily be the right skin care for your skin, it's just what I've been using recently. I don't use this everyday because although it's a good skincare brand, if you do this everyday it means you're producing more grease because you're always rubbing it. Give your face a break, have a couple of days a week where you have a makeup free day and just splash your face with water morning and evening. But if you have worn makeup then obviously follow this routine (Or whatever your skincare routine is)
Also it's the 1st of December today!! Pinch punch first of the month!! Who's looking forward to Christmas! I am!!! What's the number one thing you're asking for this Christmas?
I hope you enjoyed, 
see you later alligator!

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- Mel