Hey guys!

Today I thought I would talk to you about something I've never really spoken to you about before which is really strange because it's something that I cannot live without! That topic is dance <3
I have danced since about 11 years old and honestly love it so much! I do ballet, tap, modern/jazz, contemporary and street! I am also currently attending auditions for dance schools to go to once I leave six form. I thought I'd show you a few pictures of me dancing aswell <3

Here are just a few pictures of me posing haha :P
I cannot pick a favourite style of dance, I love all the ones that I've learnt! Ballet gives you a chance to express yourself through a beautiful style of dance, and so does contemporary and jazz. Whereas street is slightly more hardcore and I love it all the same!
Are any of my followers dancers? If so what's your favourite style? I'd love to know!
Thanks for reading my blog!
See you later alligator

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  1. Love dance! Been dancing since I was 4. I'm nowhere near as good at you though. You're so talented! Xx

  2. Aww thank you :) I bet you're really good though as you've been dancing since such a young age!! xx


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