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Hey guys!
Exams.. Stressful time of the year! Who agrees? :/
It's the time of the year when I've got quite a few exams coming up.. but they're not all to do with school!
In dance(at school) we've all had to create a 3 minute urban dance piece for our exam. We had to firstly pick dancers(which ended up being the teacher's decision) pick a song and choreograph a dance. All isn't so easy as it may seem.. The hardest part for me at the moment is teaching the moves I've come up with to the dancers. My choreography has four dancers, including me. I've picked my song choice which is 'Party Rock Anthem' Whoo! Coming up with the dance moves is easy, it's just the teaching which I find difficult. We have a couple more weeks to make sure we've done 3 minutes and also, perfect the routine. Wish me luck with this because I think I'm gonna need it!
A level dance isn't just dancing though. There's also quite a bit of theory work involved. We've had to write two essays, a fitness plan and a healthy dancer powerpoint presentation. We get two markings on these which means once we've done it once, we can do it again to make sure we get the grade we want.

I take another A level subject-English Lit. This is probably the trickiest subject as it involves a bunch of essays and books, and now we have the exam in two weeks time! Considering an E is a C in GCSE.. I'm a bit worried about this exam! All I can do is keep positive, revise and know that after this, it's summer time!<3
Putting school to one side, I go to a dance club outside school twice a week. I do ballet, tap and modern there. Around about June time, I have a ballet foundation/intermediate exam. There's so many steps that I struggle to remember them all! But it's not just the steps I need to get into my head, it's performing them well and using all the techniques required. My teacher has shouted at me a couple of times when performing the steps, saying what I need to do performance wise. I know she's only trying to help me get the best grade, but it also worries me that I won't do well.
These two pictures are of me with my certificates from recent exams:)
Just remember, if you're in a similar position as me, don't stress about it, take a deep breath and try your best, no one can ask for more than that. And keep thinking 'summer's after this!' Think of all the fun you're going to have!!<3

Thank you for reading my blogs it means alot<3
Mel xo

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