The Body Shop haul!


Hey guys!
The Body Shop is my favourite shop to buy make-up and skin care from. So today I decided to do a haul on all the items I've bought from there recently.

This cute little brush is a blusher brush. I've found that it can also be suitable for applying bronzer aswell as blusher as it's quite a big brush. It's also very soft that I could sit there forever brushing it on my face! :P

This next item is for both lips and cheeks. I was quite shocked when I saw it was for cheeks aswell because I thought it was just a lip gloss!
This is what the lip & cheek stain looks like. But make sure you rub it in because it comes put a bit thick and looks too much.
This is what the brush looks like. It looks almost like a lip gloss!
This cute eyeshadow was reduced to £5 and I just had to get it! When on your eye lid, it's a very light green and really pretty. I normally use it along the crease of the eye.
The next thing I will be showing you is for blemished skin. It removes impurities and excess oil. Before using it, make sure you wet your face as its a soap. I've used this everyday and my face is slowly improving, I just bought another bottle of this the other day because its really good! You have to give it time though and make sure you use it every single day. Even if you forget to use it one day, your spots will immediately start coming back. It also includes tea tree oil which is very good for your skin.
This product is for blackheads. It unclogs pores for clearer looking skin. It includes crushed apricot stones which help get rid of the dead skin. This must only be used once a week.

Next, is a concealer. But it's not just any concealer-This includes tea tree once again which means its better than normal concealers. It also gives really good coverage.
Here is a gift I got for last Christmas. It includes Cranberries! I've used it ever since I got it and its really good! The smell of cranberries sticks to your hands for the rest of the day.
I also got this for Christmas along with the soap. It makes your hands really soft and gives them a strong smell of Cranberries<3 
Lastly is my bronzer. But I also use it as blusher. It has pink in it aswell which I like because you've got a mixture of brown and pink!<3
Thanks for reading today's blog on The Body Shop haul, I hope you give these products a try!

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