Get ready with me everyday routine.


Hey guys,

Today I decided to show you my everyday make-up and styling hair.
I will also be showing you the products I use for these.
So, let's start with make-up shall we? :)
For my everyday school make-up I don't wear alot tbh, I like to keep my looks natural.
I don't wear any foundation for this look as I don't want anymore spots! It's a good thing to let your face breathe and not always clog the pores up. I will sometimes use concealer though only if  spot looks really bad.
Sometimes I'll wear a creamy eyeshadow but apart from that I wear no eyeshadow.
I wear mascara on just the top lashes, not on the bottom and no eyeliner.
This is the mascara I put on first. It's from Maybelline New York. I got it from Boots, but it can be found anywhere. This separates the lashes and leaves no clumps. It actually does that! I recommend it because some of these mascaras say they do things but they lie :P this one doesn't lie! 100% honest. I got it as a Christmas present from one of my best friends, I'm so glad she got me it!
This one, as you can probably tell, goes with the first one:) It leaves no clumps, separates the lashes(Just like the first one) But the difference is that it volumizes the lashes, and it doesn't lie at all! I also got this as a Christmas present from my friend!<3
The last mascara I use, (I know, I use alot! :P ) is the Max Factor False Lash Effect in Black(All three mascaras are black). This lasts up to 24 hours, and it really does!:P It volumizes the lashes even more and with all three of them, makes your lashes look super long!

For my hair: 
I leave my fringe at the front, grabbing a bit behind it I grip it back like the picture shows underneath. I do this for both everyday and evening.
Read my next blog on my going out make-up! It will be up either this evening or tomorrow!<3
Hope you enjoyed my 'Get ready with me' routine and I hope you give these products a try! :) 

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Thank you for reading my blog, let me know what you thought if you would like to. I will reply as soon as I can :)
- Mel