Trying New Things!


Hey guys!
Recently I've been thinking about what I want to do after school. For a few years, I knew what I wanted to do-Dancing. But then I was thinking, there's not alot I can do with that is there? The retirement age is very young so then what do I do afterwards? I want to do something that will last a bit longer.
I realised how much I loved to go see shows in London as I've seen quite alot and I love the idea of Musical Theatre. I've chosen to start singing lessons! So far I've had two lessons, and they're going so well! If I continue with that it could be something I could do at university. While I sang, my singing teacher played the piano, I was considering piano lessons aswell haha! I just love the whole idea of music! It made me realise why I never thought of doing these lessons when I was younger!
If you do a hobby and you think 'Yeah I love this, I want to do this after school!' Stop and think of all the other things there are out there for you to do. Try different things because you might aswell! If you don't enjoy it, then try something else. You'll never know until you try!
I hope you enjoy reading my blogs, let me know what you think and do tell your friends about me! :)


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Thank you for reading my blog, let me know what you thought if you would like to. I will reply as soon as I can :)
- Mel