Favourite clothes!


Hey guys!
I went through my wardrobe and dug out all my favourite clothes! My clothes represent the kind of person I am, so I hope they help you get to know me hehe:)
Ahh I love this top so very much! I just have this thing about moustaches in which I love!

One of my all time favourite crop tops<3 I just love how creative it is by putting numbers and letters all over the place onto it<3 It's adorable!

High waisted shorts! I love patterned shorts to bits and have other pairs! I just love the colours included and the bit at the top! The pattern is so awesome and it's a lovely material! I just think it's so cute tehe<3

I love collared tops alot<3 but what I love about this one is that there's just a decoration on the collar and the rest is plain. It also has a bit of ribbon around the neck which hides under the collar and ties into a bow at the front<3 I love it!

This top is so simple yet effective. I love the top of it and the best part is that it's not tight. It flows out<3 So suitable for the summer!

This is the back of it, I first thought it was the front hehe but the tag always helps me know which side is the front :P

Patterned leggings! So much better than plain leggings ;) they're the first pair I've got for this summer and I must say, I will be getting more!:P The pattern is so lovely and includes all my favourite colours. It reminds me of a tropical jungle<3 Favourite pair of leggings!:)

Colourssssssssss! The moment I saw this I fell in love with it, omg. Everything about this dress is what I love. The colours, the design! The design is the kind of one I want for my prom dress!:P It criss-crosses at the back allowing a low-back. I always buy loads of dresses during the summer time, I think they're the main items I like to buy hehe!<3

Last but not least! My coloured jeans! They go down till my ankles and the thing I love the most about them is, the colourrrrrrrr:D I love colours, which you should all know by now haha! I have other coloured jeans too :P Green and blue are my other two<3

Well, we've come to the end of another blog.. Thank you for reading, sorry I haven't done one in ages I just don't know what to do one on! Hehe I'll get the hang of it soon..<3
Thanks for reading:)

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- Mel