Evening make-up routine


Hey guys!
Today I am going to do a step-by-step tutorial of one of my evening make-up looks!

These are the three mascaras that I use-but I won't go into detail because I have done for my everyday look, check it out!
This is the L'OREAL PARIS true match foundation in the Golden Ivory tone.

This is a picture of me with both the mascaras and foundation on! As you can see it's a very natural look and the foundation is not very noticeable because it matches the skin perfectly. The mascara has enabled my eyelashes to be nice and long, I don't wear mascara on the bottom layer, I feel that lots of eyeliner and mascara is too heavy for the eyes..

Here I have a box selection of eye and face make-up. I have decided to use this particular colour for my cheekbones because it is very pretty and it also makes them more attractive.

 The eye make-up I use for this look is all in another box set, I love box sets because you get lots of things in one box! Cheaper than buying individual stuff in my opinion. I got both boxes for Christmas<3 The eyeshadows I will be using are circled and I have numbered them so it will be easier to tell you what I use for what :)

The first eyeshadow I use is number 2. I use this to cover the whole eye lid, including the inner corner but excluding the brow bone. The reason why I start with this particular shade is because I always like to start with a light base for the eye. I used a light shade for the inner corner of the eye because I wanted to highlight the area.
Next, I used number 4. With this shade I used it on the outer corner and crease of the eyelid only going halfway across. The reason why I didn't cover the whole lid with this is because I don't want my eye to look too black. I kept the base colour seen so that the make-up isn't so heavy.
Thirdly, I used number 1. for the brow bone. I used this very light pink to highlight the area with only a light colour.
Lastly, I used tone number 3. along the bottom lash line. I used this because I don't like to wear alot of eyeliner because it looks too strong and bold for this look. So instead I used a light grey just so I have a bit of colour in this area.

Here is the final eye make-up look, I hope you like it. The reason I chose to put all these shades together was because I wanted a smokey eye look and I felt all these colours worked together so well.

 For my lips, I used the MAX FACTOR lip stick in the LILAC WINE colour. I got this free in a box with other MAX FACTOR cosmetics because I spent so much money. I absolutely love it. It's just so pretty and brings so much more attention to your lips.

Here are a few pictures of my completed make-up look.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this, it will mean alot to me if you spread the word to your friends about my blog <3
Love you:)

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