Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Party Look


Welcome to Blogmas Day 6! 
Last night I went to my first Christmas Party/Meal of the season and I was so excited to dress up for it! 
The excitement of putting on your sparkly dress/best suit you have reserved for this day along with your first legal Christmassy makeup and the food. 
Lemme guess, pigs in blankets? *everyone squeals in excitement*

So today I am going to give you a Christmas Party Get Ready With Me including my makeup, hair and outfit look to see how I partied myself up in style.


For the makeup I wanted to go for sparkly, bright glowy cheeks and a gold eye look. I used a lot of highlighting and a bold lip to add a pop of colour which makes a change from a traditional dark shade. 
I found this worked very well with the rest of my outfit choices as it added life by complimenting my blonde hair.

I begin with my L'Oreal True Match Foundation to warmth the tone of my skin, bringing it down my neck with my makeup sponge applicator.

To highlight under my eyes and nose I tap a few blobs of the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer and pat them into place also with my makeup sponge applicator.

Using the Body Shop Bronzer, I add a hint of sparkle and tan to my face drawing it down to my neck. 

Onto contouring, I use my beloved Collection 'Gorgeous Glow' to bring my cheekbones to attention. The shades used were the dark brown and orangey brown shades to naturalise the application.

To highlight and rose up my cheeks I use the Collection Gorgeous Glow again with the top half of the box. This leaves a gorgeous shimmering finish with a tinge of colour, I love it.

For the eyes I aimed for a gold eye descending into brown and purple. 

So I began with 'Booty Call' from the Naked 2 palette as a light shimmery base.
To highlight the inner corner and brow bone I brushed a few strokes of 'Snowflake' from Tanya Burr Galaxy palette. 
Warming up the eyes a bit, I add three goldy shades - 'half baked' to the eyelid, 'chopper' to the crease and 'snakebite' to the outer corner blending outwards.
To finish off the brown/gold shades, a few taps of 'Busted' is blended outwards.
'Rockstar' adds a small pop of colour to the crease and outer corner.
Adding a dark sparkle, 'Asphalt' from Urban Decay Smoked is applied under the bottom lash line and drawn outwards.

I created a thick cat flick above the top lash line using the Rimmel Scandal Eyes 'Micro Liner'.

The Final Look

For the hair I used my babyliss straighteners. I would normally use ghds but I leave those at University. 
I know some people use curling wands to curl their hair because it just makes sense right? For me, I prefer the way my hair curls with straighteners over a wand. I do own one, but I don't use it often.

Featured in the selfie is my Rimmel lipstick adding a pop of colour to dark shimmers. 

Dress: River Island
Bag: New Look
Shoes: New Look

I love this long sleeved, cross backed black sparkly dress. It is the perfect dress for the Christmas season that screams sparkles! I know I did when I saw it! 

Here are a few pictures from the night:

Have you had any Christmas parties yet?

 photo melxsignature_zpsfx4jgcfr.png

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  1. Ooh, the marbling on that Bodyshop bronzer is so swoon-worthy.
    Such a great finished look Mel, that party dress is fantastic! My first Christmas do this year is on Thursday, I can't wait!
    I've got a lovely dress from Warehouse for Thursday's party, but I'm on the hunt for a nice festive jumper for my work Christmas Dinner next week. I want to fully embrace the seasonal celebrations! | Lifestyle, Beauty etc.

    1. Thank you :) I love it! Aw I hope you have a lovely time :) yes definitely! Christmas jumpers are a must!


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