June Favourites!


Hey guys!
So guess what today's blog is about... Seeing as I've put a picture up you will probably know haha! It's June Favourites time!! Whoo :D
This is the first time I've done a favourites of the month so ya.. Just saying!
So, in the picture above are all the products I have been absolutely loving this month, but don't worry, you're going to find out why! :P
My first favourite of the month is the Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream!
This is absolutely great-It has great coverage, it's light on the skin and when applied-It comes out white and as you blend it in, it matches your skin colour!
The next favourite is the collection concealer! I've finished it all and the writing has all come off so yeah, it has been used to the full haha!
As I have spots, I really like them covered up&this does the job! When applied, the nasty things are all covered up&hidden!
Thirdly, my Impulse Loving Words Violet & Raspberry. The smell is just so fresh and it stays on all day! If I could I'd let you have a whiff but that's impossible.. So let's just pretend? Okay... Smell that? Yeah it's lovely isn't it! :P
My fourth and final favourite of this month, is my Clinique eye make-up remover. As you can see, it's all used up! My eyes are frustrating, some make-up remover products tend to be too strong for my eyes causing them to go all red and crusty. This is the first one that hasn't done that!

Well we've come to the end of another blog... I hope doing favourites helps you for when you're shopping for either a make-up remover, spray, etc :)
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Talk later beauties,
Love to all.x

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