Robbie Williams and Olly Murs!


Hey guys!
So yesterday guess who I went to watch... Robbie Williams and Olly Murs!!! :D :D
I love these two guys to bits, they're two of my favourite artists :D Today is going to be more of a picture blog as the pictures will speak louder than words.. so here we go :)
Thought I'd start with my outfit and make-up.. I wore a white peplum top from Topshop, jeans, Vans and a navy blazer :) Let me know if you want to do a step by step make-up tutorial from the picture above as I'd be more than happy to<3

Me&my beautiful mother outside Wembley Stadium!

Me outside Wembley Stadium!

Me in my Robbie top which I got inside!!! I was casually fangirling when I got it...


Me&Roxanne with our lush Robbie Tops on!

Used my amazing camera skills by using the Panorama effect to get the whole stadium in one picture :D

An Olly Murs balloon being bounced around by the crowd :D

Robbie makes his first appearance!

Me&My beautiful mother<3

I thought I wouldn't show you all the pictures because I don't want you to get too bored! 
But that was my day at Robbie Williams, such an amazing experience!<3 His final song was of course Angels, which I filmed and sang along :P
Thanks for reading my blog, look out for my monthly favourites!
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Love to all, Kisses.xx

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