Uplifting Reminder: Pray for Paris


Hello my lovelies

I am sure most of you are aware of the shooting in Paris which commenced in the evening of Friday 13th.
Approximately 127-30 people had their lives taken away from them. I cannot comprehend what I am seeing all over the news, social media, in conversations or typing right now. If this event did not take place, I would not be sitting here in front of my laptop writing a post about it.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that". ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Everyone feels something for another/other people. Whether this may be love, hatred, like, dislike. However, it is how we react to these feelings that gives them some kind of purpose. Some people will gladly keep quiet just to keep peace or to see what happens. Others, like the Paris Shooting, will act on them to a great extent where this feeling takes over and they are therefore incapable of feeling anything else.
If you think about it - darkness is the most likely time of day where unfortunate events happen. In films, for example, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Peter fights his enemy in the evening. Darkness can lure out another side to someone. Darkness has always had a mysterious affect on people as anything can happen, you are more capable of not being seen, hidden by a black cape making anything seem possible. Even the villains in films have let their feeling of hatred take over and therefore control his actions.
Those who killed all 127-30 people in Paris are immediately seen as the villains which I 100% completely agree on because it was their actions that caused deaths of many people. However, they are merely just people who have felt hatred for another human but decided to act out greatly on this feeling, blind to the pain they are going to cause. 
Although they caused pain for too many people (including their loved ones), their actions came from a feeling that pursued them too deeply. 
Have you ever wanted something so badly you say you will do anything to get it? That is the feeling they have felt. They are therefore no different to us in that respect, only it would be better if they had a different reaction towards it.
No one is born a killer.
Everyone has reasons for their feelings towards something, but not everyone will understand why because we are all different and see things differently.

I just wish that the people who shot all those innocent people because of an overtaken emotion that they would have thought of the outcome of their 'plan'.
What will you get out of it?
Are those people innocent?
Are they aware they have hurt you?
A majority of the time someone will not know as to when another feels hurt because of their actions. See, even those who mean well still manage to hurt others, if you let a feeling pursue you, even if it is love, someone is still bound to get hurt.
No matter what feeling you let take over you, you are still not thinking about anything else other than that person/group.
Think about who will suffer from your actions. Some say a young child has their whole life ahead of them, you have no idea what an older person could be in the middle of right now and for you to take it away from them.
Don't let your actions (love, hatred, dislike, like etc) be the reason for someone's loss. Think of others aswell as yourself.


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  1. Lovely post to respect those innocent people :) x



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