Is someone you know Impossible To Buy For?


Hello my lovelies!

Today I am going to give you a few gift ideas as, if you're like me, you have no clue what to get for anyone yet!
I am featuring a new website called 'Impossible To Buy For' that I came across where everything is shipped by Amazon and they have some cool stuff for great prices!

Their website is super easy to use - You can simply browse through page by page or narrow it down as they have 'Gifts for Women', 'Gifts for Men', What's the Budget?, Narrow it down to a category. (I never know what I'm looking for though so I just keep flicking through!)

You can also subscribe to their emails to therefore be informed as to when something new is added to the site. This box pops up in the bottom right hand corner of the page when you scroll down.

I am going to list a couple of my favourite random bits and bobs I spotted on the website!

This would be a great idea for someone who is a great fan of the poop emoji! I personally know someone who is and for £3.79 why not?! Me and my chummy send the poo emoji to each other all the time!

I love anything beauty-related so this is something I would like as a count down to Christmas-You could buy it for a friend or your mum as part of their Christmas present.

I love bath time. Who doesn't? This includes bath oil and a scented candle. It sounds luxurious. Or even a requirement - every girl needs a pamper evening!

This would be the perfect jumper for a Beyonce fan (and there's not one person who doesn't think she's the queen so I'd say it's a safe gift!). I might have to buy it for myself though ..

These look awesome. Who doesn't want unicorn slippers?! I'd cry of happiness if I unwrapped these! Maybe get some matching pjs aswell! Perfect for someone who's in love with unicorns.

And there is a little snippet of  a few gift ideas from Impossible to Buy For! It is a great website full of random bits which means you don't know what you will find on there and could come across exactly what you're looking for! I personally love the name as it is the perfect place to go when someone is in fact impossible to buy for as it seems to have everything! (Even a poop emoji cushion which I didn't know existed!)

What do you think of these gift ideas?
Do you know anyone who would like these?


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- Mel