Seasonal post: Autumn Essentials


Hello my lovelies!
Today I have another Autumnal themed post listing all my favourite aspects about Autumn. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons as it means cosy nights in with friends, hot drinks by the fire, the sound of leaves crunching under your feet as they carpet the ground, wrapped up warm with knitted jumpers, scarves, hats and gloves! All whilst leading up to Christmas! It gets me so excited! 
I also attempted to quirk things up a bit and add a few lights and blankets and pillow here and there just to make it slightly more interesting ... 

Jumper: Forever 21
At the top of my list is this cosy red roll neck jumper which I wore in my recent Autumnal Makeup Looks post. This is perfect for the weather right now, I am able to wear a top, this jumper, jeans, boots and I am good to go! It is also super duper snuggly and I enjoy wearing it at home even on a chilled day with a nice cup of coffee (which I'll get into in a sec! ...)
One down from the top of my list is coffee! I am the number one coffee fan, Americano and Lattes to be specific! There is surely nothing better than to wake up and make yourself a nice cup of coffee whilst getting ready or even to chill with as you watch the latest series of American Horror Story. Though the absolute best part about coffee and Autumn is sipping it by the fire as you are covered in blankets or even snuggled up to your loved one. Or even making hot drinks with your friends, covered with marshmallows and whipped cream ❤️
Next on the agenda is makeup. Here I am pointing out;
Max Factor creme puff blush 'Gorgeous Berries - a gorgeous berry shade giving cute rosy cheeks.
L'Oreal Colour Riche 'Julianne's Nude' - A pinky nude which works well with dramatic eyes. (Autumnal Makeup Looks)
Tanya Burr Cosmetics nail polish 'Penguin Chick' - Matches the autumnal tone of a warm, dark soft selection.
Topshop lipstick 'Beguiled'
Tanya Burr Cosmetics lipgloss 'Berry Picking'
Two gorgeous dark shades however, Berry Picking is more of a dark red lipgloss and Beguiled is a dark purple matte lipstick. I would prefer to wear 'Beguiled' on either a night out or shopping day out and 'Berry Picking' for any Christmas parties coming up or on an every day basis.
Yankee Candle: Savour the season
Autumn evenings are not the same without a candle burning away in a dim lighted room. Everything about this scent sugars me with Christmassy thoughts.
Along with a candle firing away on my bedside table, I do enjoy a good book or an evening with my boyfriend snuggled up for a cosy movie night along with hot chocolates, pizza and blankets. Right now my two book favourites are 'Binge' by Tyler Oakley and 'Girl Online on Tour' by Zoella. I have not begun either of these adventures yet but they are definitely something I can look forward to. A night cream is a must for me since I discovered this one by Botanics. It leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed in the mornings which is better than a rough texture.

What are your autumnal essentials?

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