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Today I want to discuss different types of relationships between people and how to deal with them.

There are different types of relationships; friendship, love, business etc. People are brought together for all different reasons. If it's a friendship, two people have found a common interest that they then enjoy together enabling them to share their fun to do with likes/hobbies (football, dancing, makeup, a band). The same goes for a love relationship, although this is slightly different as the groundwork here is their attraction towards one another. 

However a business relationship between the boss and his/her employee is slightly different. Their relationship is formed based on the business they work for and their discussions are purely business relationship and ways the employee can make the company stronger.

All types of relationships have their own importance; you would not want to lose a friendship as that's a rare relationship that has been built from a common interest to then be shared together which forms memories. A love relationship is also strong as you have shared things that only the two of you know and created memories that you have only shared with that person making it too much to lose. A business relationship is just as important depending on how far you have come and therefore if you lose it, you will be starting from the bottom again. We all form different relationships with people for different reasons but at the end of the day they are all equally as important. However this is where sometimes a problem can be created.

Having one type of relationship is fine - no problems can be created, as no one feels threatened. However, say one person forms two different relationships, they are trying to balance two glass bottles on a set of ten fingers/two hands. When one person in a relationship feels less important, a finger drops on that relationship. This person is therefore focusing on balancing both relationships out equally so that he/she doesn't end up balancing one, or both situations by one finger, almost losing and smashing the glass bottle. Imagine this but with more than two bottles. 

Trying to balance out say a friendship, love and business relationship could end up being quite difficult if you do not chicken out. The only reason for dropping the bottle of a relationship would be if one of you decide to give up. Then by doing this you've smashed everything you had together making it difficult to fix. If you drop a glass bottle can it be fixed? No, unless you glued the pieces together you would have to start from scratch again. Even glueing the pieces back together still leaves you with something fragile and outlined with cracks which can not be fixed. Therefore, relationships are very fragile and if played around with can be smashed into pieces and remain fragile/scarred by the cracks. 

However, if these relationships all mean a lot to you, the only way to keep them on all five fingers would be to make time for however many you have. If your friend asks to hang out with you and you are free, agree to it. If you have already arranged to go to the cinema with your partner, explaining that you already have plans would not hurt anyone. You have to treat every relationship you have with respect and not make anyone feel any less important than the other. It is not about what relationship is formed first, everyone in your life should be treated fairly in their own way. Yes you might have a lover, but why should your friend be any less important? 

This can sometimes result to others acting out, arguments begun, fall outs and if not resolved, smashed into pieces. Once this has happened you will have to put the pieces, (let's say each piece is a memory) back together and an apology is only the beginning. The result of this now smashed relationship is determined by the type of person you both are. I feel the best way to try to resolve something is by talking about it, is that not the mature thing to do? Or every now and then, if you feel there's a slight tension between you (this can relate to business, love and friendship), ask 'are we still okay?'. Or perhaps apologise for the lack of time you have spent together and promise to make up for it. Just do not break that promise as if any fall outs arrive, you have not made false promises which is not a great thing to do to someone. 

Sometimes, relationships smash for no valid reason but unnecessary jealousy. For example, say you have made time for everyone in your life, no false promises have been made. But still, you notice your boyfriend/girlfriend acting weird when you go to hang out with a friend or even the other way round. This is probably not to do with you being a 'bad' friend partner, but purely because of them knowing they are not the only close relationship you have and could perhaps feel left out or not as important. The best thing to do here is perhaps like I said, bring it up with them 'is there anything you want to talk to me about?' even if they answer with a no, tell them what you feel is happening and see what they say. Once they have admitted they feel slightly neglected, it is then best to remind them how much they mean to you and although you have other friends/boyfriend/girlfriend, this relationship you have built with them is one you would not like to lose. They probably just want to be reminded of this, so every now and then prove it to them, hang out like you used to. Tell them things nobody else knows and watch a film/find activities to do that you have not shared with anyone else.


The key part to remember however is, do not forget time for yourself, a pamper evening before seeing your partner is a nice idea. Just a bit of 'you time' every now and again should not hurt anyone. I like to light a candle, run myself a lovely bath with a lush bathbomb - they are the best! Not forgetting some music. Then once you feel nice and relaxed, a face mask followed by night cream and my favourite book. Sometimes I classify 'me time' as chilling with my laptop working on blogposts, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are not behind.

What is your idea of 'me time' ? Let me know

What are your weekend plans?

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