October Favourites


Hello my lovelies,
Favourites is one of my favourite posts to write as I can gather everything I've been loving together with the excitement of talking about products or anything that makes me happy and why! Plus - it is always great to find something that creates a good feeling within you. Therefore knowing that all you have to do is play that song/wear that blusher in order to make you feel the slightest bit better when you are feeling down.

My first couple of favourites from this month are the Mac Studio Fix foundation and a makeup sponge applicator. These two create a favourite when compiled as applying the foundation with a sponge applicator results in a higher coverage as I do not feel as though the product is being slid round my face leaving brush marks behind. The foundation on its own has a long lasting stay, therefore suitable for nights out and high in coverage. After applying the Mac Studio Fix, concealer only feels necessary for brightening up any shadowing, noticeable from any inner corners (inner corner of the eyes, under the nose).

The Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water has replaced my unhealthy skin routine when reaching for wipes to remove all makeup. Since using this, my skin feels so much cleaner as it leaves a soft, smooth finish. I also find that no matter how heavily applied my makeup is, by wiping this over my face a few times, I am left with a clean slate.

Another all time favourite is the Collection Gorgeous Glow Bronzing block. If you have seen my recent makeup posts you will notice how much I have been wearing this to contour and highlight. I apply the bottom darkest shade for under the cheekbones followed by the orangey tone in order to naturalise the contour. For highlighting, the top shimmery cream shade is beautifully pigmented giving a gorgeous glow as and when the sun passes by.

I came across this when searching for a night cream, clueless as to which brands are better than others. However the Botanics hydrating night cream seemed like the best buy as I decided to put my faith into what it trusts. In comparison to before - when I had never used night cream - my skin feels so much softer, smooth and no redness.

A lip favourite for October is the Naked lipgloss 'Sesso'. With a sticky consistency, this lipgloss adds a natural shade to the lips but with a glowy, extremely shiny finish. I enjoy wearing this on shopping days out, finishing a natural eye makeup.

Another lip product I have been using quite alot in the past month is L'Oreal Colour Riche 'Julianne's Nude'. This is my favourite neutral lipstick to wear which works well with either a simple makeup routine (concealer, mascara, brows and the lipstick). Or it looks stunning against a bold eye look like the image above.

One of my absolute favourites throughout October has been the Cath Kidson makeup bag. Before I acquired one of these, my products lived in a cute bag with a guinea pig on the front by Zoella's collection. I have to say I much prefer Cath Kidson's. Not only was I sold by the stunning floral patterning, but the sizing is perfect for an absolute beauty lover. I can give all my products a home, except for Naked palettes obviously. However it would be extremely suitable for travelling as I could bring all my makeup along with me in this bag without fail.

Random Favourites
Intoxicated, Hotline Bling, White Noise and On My Mind have been on repeat throughout October. If I have a night out coming up, or if I am ever feeling down, the upbeat tune of these songs lifts my mood and I cannot help but sing along every time.

I have just begun watching vampire diaries on Netflix a few weeks ago and I have just finished watching Season 4 Episode 3. I cannot stop watching this show it is so intense! It is nothing like Twilight if that is what you're afraid of it being similar with. At the beginning I saw similarities but as it goes on, it is so much better! If you are into tragic, action and romance - I guarantee you'll like it.

What is October without Halloween?! This year I went as a vampire using makeup from vampire diaries as inspiration and I was quite happy with the result!

From the left: Sammy's, Mine, Chris's
Myself, my boyfriend and Sammy also carved a pumpkin each in which they turned out like this!
For me, Halloween is a fun once a year event (like Christmas). You can carve pumpkins with friends, dress up as matching characters, host a Halloween party, bake some cool Halloween decorated cakes! If you go full out it becomes something for you  to look forward to each year.

Last but not least - my favourite makeup look is one I wrote a blog post on. It is a beautifully dark, smokey eye look where two lip shades can be worn depending on the occasion. (Autumnal Makeup Looks).

I hope you enjoyed my favourites, and had a lovely month and Halloween if you celebrate it. It is great to find anything that makes you feel good like I said at the beginning. That is why favourites is a post I tend to look forward to as I am basically showing you guys what has made me happy over the past month. Even if you struggle to find time in your days, swipe that lipstick on your lips or listen to your favourite song, if it is going to make you that tiny bit happier, do not be ashamed by it. Do not forget to look after yourself.


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  1. I also love the Garnier Cleansing water, it's the best one I've tried so far!

    Nicole | nicolelaurenblake.co.uk

  2. I've tried a couple of things from the Botanics All Bright range. I'm quite impressed by their products considering the price point, though they aren't products I reach for very regularly.
    I love that high neck jumper you're wearing in a couple of those pics, where is it from?

    roisinfarmer.co.uk | Beauty, Lifestyle etc.

    1. What else have you tried? I am new to the brand and night creams, is there a better one you would recommend? :) thank you it is from Forever 21 :) x


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