Summer has just began!


Hey guys!
So today was actually really nice outside here in the UK! Unfortunately I have school but I'm a six former!! I take Dance & English Literature. The dance course is finished until September but we still have to go in for English.. So I only went in from 1:50-3:30!!
It was such a nice day that I had my breakfast outside! Hehe in my pyjamas&dressing gown sitting outside.. on table and chairs of course ;D with my Special K cereal :P
After school I spent most of my time in the garden making the most of the day! Me, my mum&dad had dinner outside for the first time this summer :D Thought I'd take photos ya know.. of... the special occasion...

I love salad :D it's both healthy&yummy!!
After this yummy dinner made by my wonderful mum, I played with Rolo in the garden! He's quite a barker tbh... And his barks aren't exactly manly.. You'd mistake him for a girl dog..
I thought this photo is really funny :P

Rolo<3 my amazing photography ;)

So yeah, that's what happened today! :) It's supposed to be a nice day tomorrow aswell! Make sure you make the most of this weather!! Make sure you wear sun cream so you don't burn! Don't want you all to burn!:P I think I've caught the sun a bit because every time I do, my skin itches, and it itches!
Thank you blog readers for reading another one of my blogs.. Do read my other posts if you haven't :)
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Love to you all<3

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- Mel