Being different is what makes you stand out


Hey guys!
So today I have done absolutely nothing, fun right? I was going to start some dance homework but one of the assignments required A3 paper and the next time I go shopping is tomorrow... Anyway I could've done the other assignments so off I go, start up my laptop, have a little roam on facebook ya know as you do.. And come across Jamie's World videos once again. I thought I'd look on her facebook page because I haven't in a while! Such a bad idea, I spend the rest of my afternoon watching loads of her videos whilst I'm falling off my chair laughing, you know as you do... >_>
So! Besides my weirdness, after dancing I get into one of those moods. Where I'm singing at the top of my lungs, pretending my hair mask and hairspray can talk in a weird voice?! It's only because I'm tired and when I'm tired... I'm at my weirdest.. Now my friends are probably reading this and thinking 'Mel you're always weird what the heck are ya talking about..' But no.. this is way beyond that!! I even end up taking pictures of myself pulling the craziest faces! But honestly it's really fun :P

Take pictures of yourself doing the craziest things! Who cares?! I definetly don't haha;P Make the best of your life while you're still living it! Weird is always better than normal I mean normal is no fun at all! 
This year I have definetly been more confident around people, especially my dance class<3 I'm just the weirdest person there at times but that's what makes you stand out!
I hope this makes you feel more confident. Don't care what anyone else thinks, you are you, and the right people will learn to accept that!<3
Take Acacia's Clark advice, 'Stay weird!'
Love ya x

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- Mel