Batiste Dry Shampoo Review


Hey guys!
So the other day I went out to get some dry shampoo for my hair because it gets so greasy really quickly&I just hate the feeling of it. I also get really self conscious because I'm worried what others are thinking, for example I keep imagining people saying 'Ew her hair's really greasy'. Anyone else here who's the same?
So once I found out about dry shampoo, I've been searching in Boots&Superdrug trying to find one which pleases me most.
I happened to come across this batiste dry shampoo in all different smells and promises. At this moment, there was an offer of buy one get one half price and how could I be so silly to just pass up on an offer?! :P So with this I got the batiste dry shampoo 'a hint of colour light & blonde'(which I haven't tried yet). This afternoon as my hair was greasy, I decided to give it a try and I am rather impressed with the result!  

All I had to do was shake the bottle really well, then making sure it was about 30cm away from hair, I sprayed it onto my roots, massaged the hair, then brushed it.(Instructions are on the back of the bottle). 
Next time I am going to use the other bottle with a hint of colour and see what my hair looks like! But don't worry I'll do a review so don't panic haha ;) I got these from Boots. If you don't have this shop in your area then it will most likely be available in your local drugstore.
Thank You for reading today's blog, talk to you later<3
Love to all.x

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