Herbal essences hair mask review along with a quick mini haul..


Hey guys!
Two posts in one day?! Corr aren't you a lucky bunch! ;)
Can I just start off with a confession... Yeah? Okay thank you.. I have a weird obsession with my hair okay... I have to make my hair look nice when I'm going out or I will cry... I honestly want the perfect hair.. I'm trying to grow it so that it's nice and long. I get the ends trimmed every 6 weeks so that it will grow beautifully.. I am obsessed okay... So there's my little.. um confession! Anyway back to the whole point of this post tehe :)
So the other day I came across this hair mask.. It smelt absolutely lovely in the bottle that I had to buy it. My other reason for buying it is because I've been wanting to buy a hair mask because of how good they sound!! So I went ahead and bought this... It was only like £1 aswell, so where could I go wrong?...

ANYWAYYYYY... I'm going out for a lovely Indian dinner tonight with my family as my brother's back from uni! His graduation is soon, omg I'm so proud my big brother's all grown up!! Anyhoo...(I do rabble on a bit don't I!) As I washed my hair I decided, now's the time to use it!
I decided to walk you through it as I use it because it's the first time and wanted to let you know how it goes!!
So.. First thing I had to do was obviously take some of it from the stuff from the bottle and run it through my hair.. omg can I just say it's so... thin? What's the word.. Well it's not thick so it must be thin!! You know sometimes you can use cream that's just so thick? Well I hate that.. So, so far so good! :D It smells lovely too omg.. The smell btw is red raspberry & silk extracts.. oo posh ;) I can just imagining me sitting at the table smelling my hair and people giving my weird looks..
Next thing I did was rinse it out, so sticking my head into a sink full of water(bad idea)I try to rinse it out.... Well I had clothes on and couldn't really bother with stepping back into the shower... I will do though next time haha :)
Next is obviously drying my hair... Let's skip that as I don't need to explain how to do that.. You just grab a blow dryer and away you go..
After ..
IT HAS VOLUME! Not that my hair doesn't anyway, but it this has boosted it up a bit more and it's shaped the way I want it!! Especially my fringe! Here's a little piccie of me with the finished result!!
Loving my hair here, it's clipped back a bit as you can tell, but just look at my beautifully shaped fringe and hair!! So happy with the result<3.

As this post is about hair, I thought why not talk about something else that's to do with it?! As you know I am obsessed with getting my hair perfect... well the other day I came across these two bottles...
The shampoo bottle promises to build body&volume, whereas the conditioner promises to bring weightless volume&shine to the hair. You may think I am naive... But if that's what they say and it's used by professionals so that drew my attention even more onto it!! I will let you know how I get on with it, and you will know if I put it under my favourites if it's good!!

Well, thanks for reading another blog<3
Love to you all xxxx

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