Keep Tidy And Carry On


Hey guys!
So today I wasn't at school, and I'm not tomorrow either because I have no lessons! YAY!
But in a way I don't like this because I'm the type of person who gets very bored of doing nothing all day because it's boring&also it means I end up eating LOADS of food and the last thing I want is to get any fatter!
So instead of lounging around watching movies in my pjs, I decided to do something beneficial-TIDYING MY DRESSING TABLE!
For me, this is a pretty big deal because I NEVER tidy it and it just gets really messy. I look at it everyday and I'm just like 'WOW.. I need to tidy all this crap up and get rid of stuff!' Well today I actually got my act together & did it!! I took a few pictures OF COURSE! So crazy of me not to, I mean this is a huge achievement for me....

This is my dressing table before I cleared it! It's so messy I know haha:P
This is after I've taken everything off&chucked it on my bed. I cleaned my mirror and dusted the table, it's actually so big!
This is a picture of me and my best friend from primary school haha :P (I'm on the right) Lol and the person in front of us is my dad xD
This is something that my best friend Melody got me for Christmas & it's so cute. It's a bracelet with all little charms on it, and then a necklace with flip flops on it! I must wear it <3
This picture is of me&one of my rabbits when I was about 10, it was taken in 2007! I am not able to tell you the name of my rabbit as I have two and they're identical twins! They're called Flip&Flop and are luckily still with us today<3
Here is my room once I've put things in different places/chucked things away, it looks so much tidier & better! It feels like it's brand new just sitting at it!!<3

Today I learnt that tidying your room is essential because I hate untidiness (that seems hard to believe as my dressing table was soo messy!) But I'm going to be OCD and try to keep it this way. Now it's not so messy, it will be a lot easier to dust and clean my mirror! Also, it made my mum proud because she always walks into my room and says 'it's so messy!'. 
I hope you enjoyed reading today's blog and I also hope it encourages you to tidy your room if it's messy!
Thanks for reading once again my dear bloggers<3
Love to all x.

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Thank you for reading my blog, let me know what you thought if you would like to. I will reply as soon as I can :)
- Mel