It's summer time!


Hey guys!
So yesterday I spent time with my amazing best friend Maria!
We went in the hot tub, had a yummy lunch and filmed ourselves doing craaaaaaaaaazy things!

Here we are in tops, shorts and bikinis! Summer has just began!
What's better than spending the day with someone who's just as crazy as you? This is the first time we've ever spent a day just the two of us, and it was so funny!

Here is our yummylicious lunch we had!
Ham & Cheese paninis, hoops and crosses salt&vinegar crisps!
Kit Kat and an Alpen light bar!(Cherry bakewell flavour) :P
In the picture to your left are these amazing milkshakes in the flavour fudge brownie, they are just so nice! It was a lovely day and we spent most of it outside!

We also took some cheeky pictures on webcam! :D

Thanks for reading my blog, it means alot :) Love ya :) Don't forget to share this with your friends please :)

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Thank you for reading my blog, let me know what you thought if you would like to. I will reply as soon as I can :)
- Mel