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Hey beauty lovers!
So today I decided to come up with a brand new look just for you guys that you can wear everyday. For this look I haven't used heavy make-up because for me, I like to go for more natural looks if I'm going to wear it everyday :)

Firstly, I am going to apply my ALL-IN-ONE BB CREAM in the shade 02 as my skin is a very light colour. To apply this I am using my concealer/foundation all-in-one make-up brush. Ha! Both products are all-in-one! Omg!:P Anyway back to the tutorial.. 
I squeezed a small amount of this onto the back of my hand and using the foundation brush, I blend it onto my skin. I chose this particular foundation because as I said, I don't want the look very heavy. BB cream is not as thick/heavy as normal foundation, and it's also a moisturizer.
Secondly, also from the Body Shop, I am going to use my bronzer/blush in the shade warm glow 02. Using my CLINIQUE brusher brush, I am going to carefully brush this into the cheek bones, giving them a warm and healthy glow. I chose this colour because it's natural, instead of a bright pink blush, isn't something I would wear EVERY day, occasionally maybe..

Next is the eye make-up!..............

For the eyeshadow, I have circled the two shades I have used from my box collection 'COLOUR COUTURE'. As labelled, I firstly use number 1 to cover every area of the eye-lid using my Barbara Day eyeshadow brush. Secondly, I use a pink eyeshadow (2.)  just on the outer corner and halfway along the crease of my eye.

Next, I will use my black pencil eyeliner also from my box collection. I draw this only along my upper lash line only three quarters along.
Next comes the mascara, as always I use my three mascaras, for more detail on them go to my other every-day make-up tutorial. Next would normally be the eye-brows, if you are blonde like me and don't need your eye-brows filling in every-day then leave this out. But if you are still blonde but your eyebrows are very light and can not easily be seen, I would recommend this MUA eyebrow pencil in BLONDE. The handy thing about this eyebrow pencil is that it has a brush for your eyebrows the other end. Before use, make sure you use the brush to comb your eyebrows over. I like to comb them up then across, that's just what works best for me though. 
Then to soften it down so it's not so harsh, use a light brown and a slightly dark shade of eyeshadow, wet a brush and go over your brow a few times. These are the two colours I use for this.
Then using the brush on the pencil, carefully comb your brows again :)

Lastly comes the lip gloss. Alternatively you can leave this out if you're not a lip-gloss fan. If you are going to leave this out, here would be the finished look..... :)

 However, if you do love a bit of lippy like me, this is from the Body Shop and is absolutely lovely. I am in love with this gloss as it has such shine and is a lovely gold colour if you're a fan of gold and shine. As you can see on the bottle, it says 'and cheek stain' It does work lovely on the cheeks aswell but for me that is more of an evening look. Best part, it has a long lasting touch!
Here are a few snapshots of the finished look!!

I really hoped you enjoyed this look, let me know in the comments below whether you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down, remember to share this blog with your friends, follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/MelBrillx 
Byeeeeeeeee love to you all!! <3

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  1. I remember swatching that BB cream in the store, I was really excited because I've heard so many good things about it. Sadly, I was too pale even for the lightest of shades! The woman working there was a bit dumbstruck and didn't know what to try and sell to me instead, haha!

    Kate x


    1. Aww haha, if you haven't used it-When you put it onto your skin, it comes out white but then as you blend it, it matches the colour of your skin :) Hope that helped? xxx


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