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Hello everyone!
Today I would like to discuss a situation which occurs quite regularly in my life.
As a dancer, I must be prepared for brutal knock-backs and be able to overcome them. Since receiving a few knock-backs, I have been made to rethink my career choice as I think to myself 'why else would I be knocked back?'
These knock-backs are, surprisingly enough, what make us stronger and can therefore enable us to improve our motivation and willingness to succeed.
If you're ever stuck in a situation where someone tells you that you aren't good enough, take a step back and think about the journey you took down this career path. You should realise that you've had good and bad situations, therefore why should you bring it to an end if the journey involved GOOD and bad?
Sometimes we have to experience bad to then be praised with the good.
Why did I get into University to study dance if I am no good at it?
Why have I received good grades if I am no good at it?
Why have I been part of amazing opportunities if I am no good at it?

For one reason only, Motivation.

Success isn't given,
It's Earned,
On the track,
On the field, In the Gym,
With Blood, Sweat,
And the Occasional Tear
(Quinn, Dr Ann, 2013).

Just like athletes, when they run a race and jump over hurdles, they train themselves to be able to jump over the hurdles each and every time it is in their sight.
How is that any different from every day life?
We must simply do our best to prepare ourselves for any negativity. However some negativity can, like a hurdle, stand in our way of success and to get past it we must overcome it.

| Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it |

Thinking back to an athlete trying training to jump over a hurdle, there is no way (let's call them Bill) that Bill will be able to succeed without motivation and passion.
This motivation and passion for the sport enables Bill to practice practice practice until he has succeeded.

So therefore, all we're doing here is turning negativity into motivation.
Every time you experience another knock-back, do not ever use the word
replace it with

Is the difference in one's figure of speech slightly more positive now?
These knock-backs is reality telling us we need to find our motivation for this career once again!

So at the end of the day that's all it is, it's just life letting us know we need to work a bit harder as there's no gain without pain.

'I am strong because I know my weaknesses'
Things get in the way of our living so that we can prove our strength, ever heard of the saying
'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'?
All these hurdles that we have to face in our life are there to make us stronger and also increase our motivation in order to succeed in our chosen career.
And to be honest, if we never faced any hurdles, our career would be boring due to the fact that success would come easily.

If success came easy, it wouldn't be classified as success. It would simply lose the value of it's name itself.
To be successful you have to possess a certain level of determination. This then comes from how much effort you to put in which all depends on how much you want it in order to be successful.
Success is basically a reminder of how much you enjoy what you are doing.

Be more like Bill
Bill sees a hurdle
Bill realises he requires motivation, willingness and drive to be able to jump over the hurdle
Bill finds his motivation, willingness and drive as he wants to prove that a silly hurdle cannot stand in the way of his success
Good on Bill
Be more like Bill

How do you overcome knock-backs?

Let me know in the comments below


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