Uplifting Reminder: The highs and lows of the internet


The internet can be used for alot of different things, however it was not until after 1955 that it became available for things other than academia.
Today I am going to talk about the highs and lows of the internet community. 
How surfing the web can be a great deal of fun but only to some extent.

The internet can now be used for things such as;

Reading books
Seeing the latest news
Online shopping
Watching videos on YouTube
Watching films (Netflix, Putlocker, Amazon Prime etc etc..)
The list is endless

I am going to sound like a typical father here but 'back in the day', if you wanted to watch a film you would have to go to either buy/rent a DVD/video from your nearest store

To read the latest news you would have to go to the newsagents to pick up a newspaper

Clothes would only be available in stores

Books would only be available at libraries or a book store

The key fact about all these things is that they required exercise..
Seeing as the internet can be accessed by any computer/laptop, companies have made themselves accessible on the internet to ensure they stay in business. The reason being it is much easier to shop from the comfort of your sofa/bed than it is to go to the store.

The internet can be used for almost anything now, the only thing it has left to provide is food. Although that is almost possible seeing as we can use the internet to online shop and place a food order which delivers to our homes. Food is basically coming out of our computers.

The internet can be a fun, interesting place which makes our lives easier and in some cases, lazier. It's fun to play around on, to search the web of endless possibilities. Like I said you can basically go shopping without having to move from the comfort of your sofa or even to order pizza when its that time of the month. The internet is all fun and games, but what about those who provide these things on the internet?

I don't know if you remember my post on society's expectations, you can however read it HERE for a re-cap. But I wrote about the expectations a model has to live up to. I discussed how the audience do not realise the pressure they experience but instead, admire their lives and aspire to be as pretty as the girl advertising a new mascara by Maybelline.

Before I begin rambling and lose my way on what topic I am actually talking about today, my point is the internet is constantly striving to live up to and please society or they could lose their business. In relation to models, they have to constantly please their audiences otherwise if their audience loses interest, the model could lose their job. The reason being they're not attractive enough causing people to be less interested in buying the product.
The internet is constantly trying to live up to society's expectations just like a model is striving to look and be better than another. Models compete against eachother just like the different topics on the internet do.

From the outside we see the internet as an amazing place, however we sometimes forget/don't realise what it is actually like to be inside the internet, to be a part of the engine that keeps it going.
However, as an outsider it seems glorious to, for example begin filming your own videos for YouTube or writing posts for a blog. To basically become part of the internet.
Those who provide all these different spaces on the internet make everything seem amazing and fun as they are obviously doing an amazing job. They do such an incredible job that, we can sometimes be lured in to be part of something that seems amazing.
We jump ship before thinking about the possible consequences of doing so. Some can ignore these 'consequences', but for others, one could begin experiencing insecurity, depression etc.

These consequences begin once we've put pressure on ourselves if our audience accepts and enjoys what we have brought to the internet. We therefore put pressure on ourselves to maintain our audience and ensuring they keep returning to our space.
What starts off as a fun space that makes you happy, can turn into something that causes stress, pressure and the opposite of fun; something ugly.

Those who run the internet are amazing, powerful people who have somehow found the ability to get past any pressure or even moments of hate from their audience. An ability in which others may not be able to acquire.

Seeing as the audience are basically the judges for online content, the providers are always striving for acceptance and for us to enjoy what they're producing.
This can however enable some members of the audience to become too big-headed and bully the providers into changing their content so that this person stops complaining.
It then turns into something in which an audience member likes which perhaps wasn't what you had planned for this particular space.
This space then no longer becomes your space, it transforms into their space which isn't what it's all about.

The reality is, this individual is a bully who has got nothing better to do than sit around on their lazy ass all day sending their nasty comments over the internet as easily as it is to spread butter on a slice of toast.
Those who hate on the internet merely spend too much time on it. They've got nothing better than to leave a nasty comment which will obviously get a reaction and that is unfortunately their excitement for one day. In some ways we should feel sorry for haters on the internet as their lives are too boring that they have to fill it with something like judging others for their success in which they are too lazy to achieve themselves!

If you are experiencing this, learn to ignore these moments of hate. Instead of thinking 'if I do what they want they'll stop complaining'. What about the next person? How long will it be until another audience member hates/complains on what you're providing.
Keep your space yours and those who enjoy it will be your audience, those who don't can leave and find something else that suits their interests.
Not everyone's the same!

At the end of the day yes the internet is an amazing thing to use what has been provided..
But don't forget those who are providing it.
Without an engine, a plane can't fly.

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