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Hello everyone!
I am pleased to announce that after a few job applications I bagged myself an interview and got the job!
I feel like a brand new person, however this isn't a bad thing I'm just so surprised and amazed at myself! *insert laughing face*

Today I would like to share with you some steps which made me feel 100% prepared for this interview!

1. Research The Company's Background
The most important thing to make sure you know before entering the interview with confidence is to make sure you know the background. For my interview I made sure I knew where and when the store first opened, what kind of environment the work space is (fashion, beauty, homeware etc) and how they first began.

2. Research some interview questions
The next step which could be of great help is to research what interview questions are normally asked. Since doing this, I found 20 questions which were shared from others who had been interviewed for the same job. Yes you may find hardly any, but it is definitely worth a try. 

3. Write all the questions down and answer them yourself
You will find that in The Student Room, for example, some people say if they passed the interview and what questions they got asked. They can also include their answers for the questions aswell which is super helpful if they've got the job. However, before doing this, write down your own answer and see if it has matched what they have said.

4. Practice practice practice
Once you've got all your questions written down and your answers, ask someone, maybe a member of your family or a friend to read out the questions. I asked my boyfriend Chris to read my questions out to me twice a day since I was invited for an interview and I can honestly say, I felt more prepared each day. 
This way they'll tell you if you've said what you wrote down or something completely different. You can also ask them to mix up the questions a bit so you don't get used to them being asked in a particular order which is a great way to practice as during the interview you will be put on the spot. You may know what answer to say for all the questions but you won't know what order they'll be put in/how the interview is going to ask them.

5. Plan your outfit
Top Tip: Don't leave this until the night before!!!!!!!!!
The best advice for an interview outfit I can give you is to dress smart. It doesn't matter what job you have applied for whether it's for a business manager or for McDonald's, they will love it if you arrive smartly dressed as it will prove how serious you are for the position you're applying for. 
The moment you walk through the door, the way you are dressed provides them with a first impression of the kind of person you are. Think of an interview as sort of like a first date, or meeting someone for the first time. What do you want them to think of you?? Scruffy and unprepared? Or smart, prepared and serious about this job?
If you arrive for an interview to work for McDonald's in say, a top and an old pair of jeans, you could give the impression that everything was left to the last minute, you are unprepared and they may not want to know much about you.

6. Prepare everything you will need to bring
Lists are my bestest friend. The night before my interview I wrote down a list of everything I would need to bring along to the interview aswell as preparing it. You will need your National Insurance number and Passport for them to photocopy. However, if you wanted to make an outstanding impression on the person interviewing you, photocopy them yourself. Then bring along both the original and photocopied version then when they ask for these details so that they can photocopy them you can say 'oh I've already done this myself to save you the trouble!' You will sound super prepared and give the impression that you are 100% serious about wanting this job.

7. Lay everything out the night before
Now you've done everything needed to prepare for your big moment, lay it all out on your desk the night before. Lay your list of questions and whatever makeup you're going to put on (I wore a natural simple look) on your desk ready. Hang your outfit on the door of your wardrobe ready and set your alarm that gives you about an hour and a half/2 hours to get ready (it's better to get ready slowly rather than quickly so you don't stress yourself out!)

8. Relax
So, you've researched the company's background, looked at and written down some questions alongside your own answers, practiced with a friend/family member everyday once/twice a day and you've planned a smart outfit. What's left? RELAX!
Now you've prepared everything and your outfit is hung up on your wardrobe ready for the morning, the next thing I advise you to do is have your version of a chilled, relaxing evening. Whether this is a movie marathon, running a bath surrounded by scented candles, or having a takeaway pizza with your other half, whatever chills you out the most - do that! My version is soaking in the hot tub with a film on and looking up at the stars :)

If you have any interviews coming up I wish you the best of luck and please let me know how you get on and whether my preparation advice has helped you out!

I hope you found these steps useful, let me know if you did :)
Are there any steps you would advise someone to take before an interview?
Let me know in the comments below
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  1. I will be applying for some jobs soon and hopefully getting some interviews so I found this post incredibly helpful! x


    1. Oh really, I wish you the best of luck! Let me know how it goes :)


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