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Dressing up for a night out is always something to look forward to.
The thought of choosing your outfit, maybe applying fake tan, curling your hair, making a bit more of an effort and doing all the little things that make us feel slightly more confident and happier.

If you're a girl like me who loves dressing up, you know what I mean.

T.M Lewin got in contact with me asking how I would transform a during the day work in the boardroom attire into an evening look suitable for a pint at a local pub with friends.
In response to this, I am going to share my recommendations with you as to how one can go from the daytime to nighttime attire without having to go home to get changed.
For both men and women T.M Lewin have a wide collection of clothing to choose from
The women can choose from categories such as;

And right now they have lots of sales going on in the women's department so if I were you I'd get cracka-lackin!

In my opinion it's not so much the outfit you pick which influences one's transitioning from daytime to nighttime attire, but the accessories.

This is the outfit I have chosen to transition from Day To Night using clothing from T.M Lewin Website

Here is the dress I am using for both during the day and an evening attire. Alternatively, T.M Lewin have a wide selection of suit jackets and trousers if you're that kinda gal

Jacket During The Day
In my opinion, blazers are always a snazzy addition to any outfit. Especially for work as they can make the outfit look as though you've spent more effort on putting it altogether when in fact, you just chucked a blazer on.
This blazer in particular would go nicely with the Stafford Orchid Print Knot Dress as this will bring out the black and better yet, draw out the contrast against the white.
It also adds a smart addition to the dress aswell as snazzy due to the fact that blazers are business wear and can smarten up the outfit. It's something about the simplicity and sharpness of the blazer that gives them the capability to do this.

Accessories During The Day

(Click on the pic to go to the link)
This necklace would be a lovely pop of colour to make a statement against the black, white and grey theme in which the clothing carries out.


(Click on the pic to go to the link)

I don't know about you but I love adding subtle bits of colour to my outfits with accessories and this is one way I recommend to do it. For during the day work attire, I suggest either a Tote Bag or a satchel, they are equally as classy. However I do think the Tote is slightly more suitable for work.
I have a Tote bag of my own by the same brand which I take to work in which everything fits nicely in!

For during the day wear, not only would the colour of these shoes from Chi Chi match the dark theme of the dress and blazer, but they are also classic work attire for the office.
Costing a low £29.99, you cannot only wear them for work but they can also work with contrasting colours such as white (which is in the dress) or keeping it low with blue, black, grey.

Accessories at Night


For the evening a subtle yet classy delicate necklace with a lovely detailing instead of a splash of colour could be more suitable.
This is also something you could keep in your handbag throughout the day and is easily swapped for the evening.

Clutch Bag At Night

(Click on the pic to go to the link)

For evening drinks with the girls I always suggest a clutch bag.
They're simple yet classy,
Always add an edge to the look
And they hold all your necessities in.

A Change In Jacket

For the evening instead of going with a blazer, I would suggest a waterfall jacket. This one I found from AX Paris for an affordable £35!

However if you'd rather go for something slightly thicker yet still maintaining the flow style, here is another option from Pretty Little Thing costing an even lower, £25!

This just adds a classy, yet subtle look to the outfit and due to it's neutral colouring it can be worn with the black and white dress.


From Miss Pap, (link) these heels add a classy edge with the gold detailing on the heel and the simplicity of the shoe.
So far for the evening attire I've added more colouring as the jacket I transitioned the grey into a nude and with the heels they turn from dark blue into a light pink.
The reason for this is because in the evening it's all about adding a few quirky touches to the outfit in order to make it different and stand out.


Onto what I would recommend men to wear during the day and how this can be transitioned into an evening drink with the lads.

The men also have a wide range of possibilities at T.M Lewin
Although, the category T.M Lewin are particularly well-known for, is their excellent range of Suits
They have quite a variety of suits available such as;

So, depending on what kind of fit you are looking for, T.M Lewin have got it down to a T!
All you've got to do now is pick a suit, right?
There is such a wide variety of suits to choose from however I am going to show you two different styled suits to give you the chance to see how much variety is given.

Here are two different styles of suits available on the T.M Lewin website.

For a man's during the day office look you throw on a suit and your good to go right?
Therefore I am going to leave links to their shirts and also inform you on what options are given in this category.

During The Day


For a during the day wear at the office, I would suggest maybe a plain white shirt with a pop of colour notified in the tie?


For Shoes T.M Lewin have a 
if you want to go and check that out they have styles such as
Oxford Shoes, (Derby, Casual, Oxford) Brogues, Loafers, Monk Shoes, Toecap, Chukka Boots, Chelsea Boots, Hi-Shine Shoes.

I personally quite like the Hyde Brown Oxford Brogues


For the evening wear, taking off the tie and unbutton the top button would do. It's up to you if you'd prefer to keep on the jacket or be done with it!

Men have it much easier than women do!
I don't even feel as though a change in footwear needs to be changed up here as they still look suitable for a pint at the pub!

That's the end of my transitioning from a Day at the Office to an Evening at the pub/cocktail bar with the girls.

Thanks for reading
What are your suggestions to go from Day To Night?

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Thank you for reading my blog, let me know what you thought if you would like to. I will reply as soon as I can :)
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