The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Review & Tutorial


Hello everyone!

This season seems to be flying by so quickly summer is in need of a speeding ticket!
The one thing I have and am recently loving (it's not over just yet!) is making use of lighter & shimmery shades. Shimmery, brighter eyeshadows, blushers.. gotta make the most of them while we can!
During  the summer I draw towards much brighter and shimmery shades as I have an excuse to wear them!

However, most of my eyeshadow shades consist of darker tones and I therefore wanted to own a palette with lighter shades. Since I had £5 to spend on my body shop card (yes I'm a member, no I have no shame) I decided to grab a shimmer cube!

I don't normally turn to the Body Shop for makeup products, I used to be a massive fan but seeing as Superdrug and Boots pricing can be slightly more affordable I haven't shopped there in a while.

I am glad to have bought a palette from the Body Shop as this was exactly what I was after!

The shimmer cube itself consists of four mini cubes all in which are sparkly and shimmery. In the particular cube set I purchased they are all pinky tones, exactly what I was looking for!

  Packaging; The packaging is small, compact and creates no problem when trying to find a place for it in your makeup bag making it travel safe. Although, I would be careful about how secure the lid is and tie a hairband round the cube to keep it shut.

Pigmentation; I wouldn't say the pigmentation 
is very high, this is probably due to them 
being shimmery and sparkly. You could 
probably find higher pigmentation in 
matte shades (depends what eye look you're going for).

Shades; The cube consists of four mini pinky shades, there is a nice selection as all the colours are slightly different but are of the same tone. Seeing as the shades involve both cream and pinky colours, an eye makeup look could be put together with the four cubes alone by starting from the lightest to the darkest. However, they don't feel too heavy on the eyelids and are easy to apply (just what we want in the summertime right?) The shades also shimmer in the sun just as a highlighter would do!

Here are all the shades mixed into one makeup look:

I applied the shades in the order I have placed them in this post.
I therefore began with the top one and the lightest shade and applied this all over the lid as a subtle yet shimmery base.

Then blended into the crease and all over the lid I applied the second-down pinky shade.

Onto the slightly darker pink I applied this on my outer corner of the eye and blended it out.

And last but not least, using the bottom shade, I applied this also on the outer corner and under the bottom waterline.

Other eye products used

Leaving my beloved liquid eyeliner in my makeup bag this time, I finished the look with both the Maybelline Lash Sensational and the L'Oreal Miss Manga mascaras.
A few strokes of each was applied to my top and bottom layer of lashes.

You may be asking yourself why I've not added a winged liner to the look which I usually cannot leave the house without. The reason for this is because I wanted the look to be bright, open and bold. 
I felt as though a thick black liquid eyeliner wouldn't work together with pink eyeshadows as the other products I used such as lipstick and blusher are bright and colourful shades. Therefore liquid liner just wouldn't work in this case as it would hide the eye makeup which is subtle enough without having a thick liner covering up half the lid.

Neglecting the winged eyeliner also enables the look to become wearable for an everyday look. Although a bold lip may seem daring, my makeup feels alot less OTT because there is no winged liner involved. If I wore both a bold lip and winged liner, this look may have to be reserved for an evening wear.

In the last photo you can see that from a distance the the bold pink lip helps to draw out the eye makeup.

This has become my everyday makeup look as lately I have literally been wearing it almost everyday.
If I apply eyeshadow, the shimmer cubes are my instant go-to as though I'm on auto-pilot mode.
However if you're looking for a vibrant, bold eye look I would suggest a matte consistency.

Nevertheless these shades were perfect for what I was on the hunt for as when paired with a bold pink lip, my face doesn't look a tad OTT on the pink side of things. Instead they work well together and like I said, the lipstick draws out the eye makeup.
I can therefore pair a nude or a bold lip with this eye makeup look depending on how much I want to draw out the shimmer cubes. Whereas if I wore matte eyeshadows I could be slightly limited with what lip colour I would pair with them if I wanted to keep the look subtle as a whole.

Thanks for reading,
Let me know in the comments below what your go-to summer eyeshadows are!
See you soon,

Mel x

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